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Xzabrie Ragnulf

He was pathetic and he was nothing without his master, his Zendelrin but the urge to wander would never leave him, no matter how bad the punishment for doing so would be. He  told himself he would not go far, always ready to come crawling back to his brother like the insignificant worm he was. Perhaps his master would not mind if he other wandered a little ways away. He couldn't help it. His curious nature lead him to stick his nose in places it did not belong.

Like the Weeping Willow Grove.

He shouldn't have been there, not without his master, but like a little red vermin, he scurried away to explore. What would there be to see? A new pain perhaps? Would there be some violent beast to tear him to shreds? It would not be as good as Zendelrin, but it would satisfy his urges. Already he had bitten him to the point of bleeding because he could not stand being painless. Maybe if he wandered far enough, Zendelrin would punish him and then he would feel better. He hated Zen. Zen was a monster. A horrible, evil monster. But he needed Zen like he needed air to breathe. 

He thought it might be best to turn around and head back before Zen noticed, although he doubted his absence had not already been taken account of, until he heard someone approaching. Hmm? Coming, coming! Someone is coming! Xzabrie immediately crouched down to cower at whomever it was that was coming towards him. He was terrified. Was it master? Was he angry?

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He was not in a practicly good mood.

He hadn't gotten a chance to just rest in a minute. Well he had been sleeping he supposed, but this last week he  hadn't gone one day free of being reminded of things he'd rather forget. First there was Zendelrin  waltzing right back into existence as if it wasn't the rudest thing ever. He still wasn't sure if he even wanted to figure that out. As it was, he hadn't been able to slow down long enough to consider if he even cared in the first place. Because as far as anything and everything ever went with his life, he didn't really get a vote in the matter.

He didn't really know how he ended up here, a faint realization of surprise as he noticed the scenic view for the first time. He hadn't meant to wander so aimlessly, and inhaled the sickly sweet scent of pollen on the wind. The trees swayed in some secret saence with the wind and a choir of crickets lingered in the background. It was times like these he almost missed being able to enjoy things. Because he had long ago accepted happiness was not something he was capable of producing. He had ruined it for himself,  and that was the end of the matter.

He didn't notice the Other smell that infested this place until the wind dies down. Immediately he stood straight up, and peered curiously at the over grown brush that surrounded the nearest trees to his left. Sitting there was the most pathetic site he'd seen since since he looked in the mirror. He noticed the wounds that were still fresh, self inflicted if he knew anything.  He didn't move for a few moments and the longer he had to think about it the more he was starting to think he might end up enjoying this after all. A small snort and he began encroached lazily in the others direction.

 " So, what's your fucking issue? " he breached their personal space quite easily, circling around like a shark out of water. Something awful familiar was working here and he just wasn't sure yet what it was. Until he figured it all out he suppose it wouldn't hurt to have some fun. 



Xzabrie Ragnulf

His eyes were closed. The creature that approached him did not carry Master's scent, nor aura. It was clearly not master. Xzabrie grew bolder enough to open his eyes at least. The creature was bold like Master but did not hurt him as Master would, as he needed to be hurt. It was disappointing as it was relieving. He would not be harmed any more than what he had inflicted upon himself, but there would also be no relief to the craving for suffering that plagued him, consuming him, was him.

The creature was close, dangerously close and circled him like a predator. It made him just as excited as it made him fearful. Xzabrie cowered more, trying to curl himself into a ball. Was this beast going to hurt him? It couldn't! Master was the only one who got to cause him pain, and he had already breached that rule by inflicting a would on himself. Still, despite his excited state of terror, Xzabrie did not close his yellow eyes again. He bared his teeth weakly, trying to threaten the beast away from him. No one would touch him but Master!

The question the beast asked, confused him. What was wrong with him? Xzabrie shot the beast a somewhat quizzical look. Nothing. Except maybe a severe lack of pain. He didn't answer right away, for he knew he would stammer. He wasn't a coward! Well, he was, but he only cowered for Master! Not this, this beast! Flashing his gums by curling his lip, Xzabrie answered. "N-no! N-no issue!" he 'snarled', much like a puppy would. Not at all intimidating and absolutely pathetic. It was almost cute, but to Xzabrie, he had done some tremendous. He would scare this beast away and go find Master to be punished.

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There was something all wrong about this.

He watched as the male squirmed before him and for once in a rare occasion he almost felt bad about it.  Flashbacks were something he was not used to, and with a hard  swallow he halted in his tracks. Cocking his head to the side, he looked for all the world a very conflicted sort of beast.

Glancing around for a  few plants , he noticed he a few yarrow stalks and immediately pulled them up. A swift glance, and and he made his way back over. " Let me help you" a command more than an answer, yet he managed to keep it soft as much as he possibly could.

Something about this still didn't feel good. An uneasy feeling taking over, he tried to convince himself it was nothing. But he knew better. A heating sigh deep down, he returned his attention to the task at hand. The yarrow wasn't the best he could do, but he had nothing else to work with. " I'm sorry about this." unsure of what to apologise for, but as he always knew it was better late than never.


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The South and all of it's lands were the blind vixen's domain. Many had tried to lay claim, many more had tried to tame and corral the nine-tailed beast but none had thusly succeeded. These mires and swamps were just as untamed and unpredictable as she and it was why she called this desolate bayou home. In a rare moment of companionable silence, her monstrous frame did not prowl in silent solitude, instead Zendelrin stalked along at her side. They had an odd bond, she and the black-hearted cur but it worked and Amaltheia did not question things that worked. Still... he was not immune to her mischievous antics, nor her playful countenance. A tail occasionally teased the long hanging fur of his belly, a sharp step saw bits of mud and muck splashing up at his frame... she did not constantly make him the sore spot of her pranks, whether they succeeded or not, but there was enough unpredictability in her movements and gestures to make her...unique. Not that Zendelrin didn't try to get her back. More than once a blotch of mud or a sharp nip of those teeth found her flesh and was answered by a delighted, dark chuckle that trickled out somewhere from the depths of her soul. Aye... an odd relationship indeed, but one that suited the vulpine witch just fine.

She paused abruptly, ears perking forward and nose tasting the scents on the air. She was blind, devoid of sight but her other senses made up for it in spades. Two foreign scents on the wind and the telltale sign of injury, the briefest spice of copper. She licked her lips, sightless eyes boring into nothing and everything all at once. "Aye, two lonely hearts. One I know, one I don't... but a scent so very similar to ye own, ye brotha' perhaps?" Amaltheia rumbled, her lithe skull twisting towards Zendelrin, a mockery, an illusion that she was actually looking at him. "I think a bit of fun is in order." Her muscles bunched, rippling like a perfect wave before she was off, whipping through the willows with surprising grace for how utterly massive she was.

Coming through the weeping branches like a Goddess reborn, her tails splayed out, fanning around her in an enchanting allure. That passive magic made them ripple like quicksand, eager to ensnare the attention of some hapless victim. "Aye, what manner of degradation is dis? So much blood that stain meh bayou. 'Ave you no respect for da souls who slumber here in peace?" Massive and enchanting, her voice poured from her tongue like a melody. Between the thick cajun accent, the utter size of her formidable frame and those enchanting tails that swirled in no repeating pattern... she played the perfect roll of the distraction, allowing Zendelrin to make a fine entrance if he so chose.

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Tawny limbs moved with silent purpose as he sought out his brother. Internally he was seething with his rage at the fact that once again he needed to find his brother. He had placed him in a secure location and once more he wandered defiantly away. He would suffer for that. Externally his appearance was relaxed and somewhat playful. He would not dismiss the flirtatious gestures of his swamp vixen.
A piece of mud would come to sully his auburn coat. One of those lashing tails would dance across his body in a suggestive way that had his heart not been set on finding his wife he may have sub come to the ideas of temptation. However, he simply taunted the women back in a friendly manner with a hit of his aggression leaking in his bite. He wasn’t aiming to break the skin or bleed her but the underlining rage that bubbled beneath the surface was almost blinding. The faintest taste of copper snapped him out of his thoughts and brought him back to the now. His ears twitched with the realization that he had bled her without intention but he would not acknowledge his mistake. Not when the scent of his brother finally touched his nose.
It flooded into him in waves. The vile little worm had wandered farther than he had permitted. His tail lashed behind him with his seething wrath and his shadows snarled against his limbs with the promise of torture. Then another scent caught his attention. Satchel was here with his brother. A twisted thought would curl around his mind like the snap of a whip. His dark lips curled into a sinister grin as he followed his enticing companion towards them. Perhaps he could continue to build the foundation that he had started to fortify in the torture of his former lover. Brick by brick he would forever enslave the man to him.
Amaltheia's words would tickle his ears and only fuel the fire within him. The façade that he wore almost instinctual was absent with the desire for utter possession. His aura burned with his need to consume the two men. It pulsed around him in static waves that would make his very skin itch. The sweet anticipation in what he had in store to torment them both was deliciously veil. [b] “Indeed, it would seem the gods have gifted me with quite the situation.” He said, the excitement was evident within his seductive lyrics. [/b]
Dominance began to radiate off the reapers body. His head fell back and his lips curled into a silent sneer. Disapproval was painted across his features as he looked onto his cowering brother. His ears twitched as he turned his gaze to Satchel, offering his property salvation. It was a moot effort. The moment he recalled his brother to his side he would come. Nothing would keep him from returning to his master. Not even that white trash whore. However, he anticipated that Satchel would attempt to stand in the way of their ultimate reunion. 
“Xzie.” His voice was completely demanding. There was no room for defiance with his words. He would come or he would die. His smoldering ember gaze was stern as he focused on his brother. It was as if nothing else existed but the two of them. He would surrender himself to him without question and Satchel would face the consequences if he were to intervene. They would be oh so delectable. [/b]


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Xzabrie Ragnulf

The pathetic lump of fur hissed at the white beast when it mentioned helping him. "N-No! No help!" He snapped as ferociously as possible, which wasn't that much. He needed no help, only punishment! Again, the red scrap hissed, puffing up his chest in an attempt to look bigger than him Xzabrie tried his damnedest to scare off this unwanted beast. He did not expect it to work, but he did not care. Xzabrie wanted nothing more than to be left alone. This beast could not touch him, even if it was to harm him. No one got to do that except Master. He should have never left. This was a horrid idea. Cowering and trying to keep his distance from the beast, Xzie tried to keep his terrified gaze locked on the creature before him.

"G-Go! Go awa-"

He was interrupted by the voice of a woman he did not recognize. He watched her emerge from the branches. Who was she? What was she doing here and what was she talking about? He decided then he didn't care. He would just have to ignore her. He needed to leave, leave and find Master.

As the gods would have it, Xzie would not have to go far.

The instant he heard his brother's voice, Xzabrie froze. Master! The weak thing began trembling, trying to make himself as small as possible in the process. Slowly, he backed away into the bushes, until Zen's voice stopped him. Xzabrie did not dare disobey the call of his master. Lowering himself as close to the ground as possible, Xzie crawled to his brother's side without once attempting to make eye contact. "Zen- Zen- Zen-" He struggled to find the words to say, despite knowing nothing he could manage to choke out would assuage his brother's wrath now.
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This situation was so pathetic it was almost funny.


He wrinkled his brows as the red lump of a man wriggled about like something half drowned, frowning slightly around the edges as he took a few slow steps back in attempt to give space. He was unsure just what was at play here, feeling slightly jilted as things continued. Still he couldn't force help on the unwilling and he attempted to quickly sweep aside the angst of such a swift rebuttal. He lingering for a moment as the terror of the other beast began to sink in. A jerk of an itch, contemplating what could cause such a foul sort of disturbance.

And then multiple things happened at once.

He noticed her first, a nine tailed queen just as epic as their first encounter. He warmed slightly and was about to greet her, when it all went plummeting back to the depths of hell. Because low and behold, Zen had arrived. A sudden stiffness taking over, his movements slightly exaggerated as he watched the crimson stain struggle towards his ex's side. A flicker of empathy, wondering how it was he might of ever been so weak as well. He tossed a look once more upon the moon maiden, offering a hint of a smile in attempt to convey she was not involved in his own personal sort of dissonance.

And with this resolve he proceeded to take a few bold steps forth, confidence in his swagger. Electricity coursing through his veins, inhaling sharp all the bitterness that remained. Reminded of all the times he struggled just the same for the reaper before him, and all the cursed tears it had wrought. For nothing, in the end.

" Glad to see you bullying, as usual."He was one to talk, however this situation struck him in mysterious ways. A heart shattering over and over again, unable to grasp just what exactly happened between them.  A cryptic sort of snap, but  he refused to misbehave. He would not show such soreness in front of the lady, and with that he turned his gaze abruptly towards her. " Hey, how has it been going for you?' a general sort of warmth as he did his best to ignore the temptation before him. Praying to gods unseen that he might never stoop so low again. 

After another moments thought, he decided none of this was worth it. So with one last glance he inhaled and took off.

*exit Satch*

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