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she knew not where she was or what land this was called. the young woman simply appeared within the confines of this realm one day, having no recollection of how she even came to be here. t'was curious and queer, though she had no run-ins thus far to consider it negative. all she knew is that she was here. seeking some knowledge of her situation, she merely wandered in hopes of finding some being that could tell her. so far, that was becoming less hopeful as she walked. no one seemed to be in sight. no fresh scents upon the breeze. nothing to tell her that another had walked here recently.

she blinked back her hooded lilac gaze against the autumn sun. even in this season, the noon hours were fascinating with the blinding light. but soon, it would get dark again and she would need shelter. an unknown land... best to err to caution. she did not know who was friendly or who meant harm. in her predicament though, anyone could seem hazardous. woefully unprepared, Tarot continued her silent plea. eyes searched the grounds, these woods she had found herself in. one could also claim it was always autumn here. yet she did not know better. if it was still autumn by the time she exited these woods or not, she would only move forward.

the woman lifted her gaze to the sky above. if it was night, she could better navigate from the stars. though she wondered if this realm still had the same stars she was used to, or if they had new constellations. new signs. new... everything. she bent her skull once more, staring around and keeping to the shade of the foliage. if someone meant to assault her, she could easily vanish within the woodlands. never to be seen again. though, she would pause. a loud snap! was heard nearby. calmly, she positioned herself toward her even if her heart did race within. lilac eyes trained on the spot, wondering who or what would come out.


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He had to hand it to himself, somehow it was always easy to end up this way. Going round and round in circles, as if dreaming might be just out of grasp. Inhaling the sweet air, he furrowed his brows and inched down the slippery incline towards fates unknown. Slightly apprehensive with good reason, every-time he managed to find his niche it all came tumbling down. Destined to roam as a feral beast, his electric orange eyes betrayed nothing but the turmoil with in. A fickle sort of wonder, intent on devouring him alive.

It was rather pleasant here, compared to his last get away this was a damn paradise. So far he managed it alone, paws gripped the cooled rocks as his pale hide slipped through towards unknown destinations. Panting at the edges he noticed the beauty of the trees., stomach rumbled at the thought of rabbit and other flesh to render useless. It might be too good to be true, either way there was no point to return too. He continued along his treacherous path, inching his way towards the path at hand.

He'd continued on for a little while, ears flung forth to absorb any sound. It wasn't too long before he smelled something, and it was defiantly not a rabbit. So out of curiosity he decided to pause, glancing at the foliage all around. He doubted it was another Mundane, but that was just as well. Because he had a little dream to fufill, one that could very well get him killed by the order just for existing. But he couldn't deny the need to meet as many possible magic blood allies as he could. Because deep down, he hoped if he could prove that the two of them could co exist then perhaps things could change. It was a fools dream of course, but when had he ever been anything else?

" You can come out if you want, I promise not to bite." with the words no spoken, he simply waited back to see what might be revealed this time. Strange to think he was actually trying for once. Even stranger to accept that he really wanted to.



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"Oh?" came her simple reply at first, pushing herself elegantly from the foliage. the young woman faced the older man, a coy smirk tugging at her lips as she regarded him. "and who said I did not like a little bite now and again?" she would add as she arched a brow at him. the man appeared quite unremarkable compared to her brilliant lilacs and sapphires, but she supposed he would do. for now. revealing herself further, she would walk calmly toward him. yet he was an unknown. a stranger. she did not trust his words, either. the unknown was fascinating, yes, but she did not fancy being beaten senselessly.

she regarded him neutrally, her chin raised confidently but otherwise, she was respectful of his space. Tarot stopped a few paces away from him to give him some breathing room. of course, she had questions of this land and this realm too. but she reeled herself back, not wishing to reveal that she was utterly unprepared for such things. the young woman did not enjoy showing weakness to strangers. she kept herself guarded, both mentally and physically. just in case. because anyone could use anything personal against another being. perhaps she was just suspicious of others. "who might you be, sir?" the female spoke again, at last, having been silent as she viewed him.

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