daisy's plotter



y/o medium Female
hello new frands!

my name is Lackadaisy (or Daisy if you prefer) and I'm brand-spanking new here. I'd love to dive right into the site even though I only have one character right now. let's get to it! please post here or DM me on discord (lackadaisy#0690) if you'd like a thread! I'm down for meet and greets, casual threads, etc. my triggers include sexual assault and incest.

Esme "Tarot" Delacroix
3 years old. lone wolf. owl affinity. single (pansexual)

has a deep wanderlust that prevents her from settling down. is fickle and vain, preferring beautiful things and people to surround herself with. a pretty new character of mine, actually, and is subject to change via IC interactions. she's basically an open book, ready to be shaped by her experiences. right now, she is wandering this realm with no direction in mind. likes to hoard shiny objects. based on Romani - deeply respectful of nature, traveling and paganism beliefs. though can be two-faced and a liar at times. is a bit flirty and open to flirty things. loves mysticism, studying lore and magic, and giving fortunes. 

is open for shipping
is open for friendships
is tenatively open for enemies/rivals
is closed for spars, fights, violence etc



21 y/o medium Female
I have my boy @Juryoku to offer! He’s got trust issues, so friendships may be hard for him to manage. With him recently being kicked out and disowned, he’s at a complete lost at what to do with his life, so I’m down for a fortune telling whether to guide him or make him more of an anxious wreck.

Also, he likes to collect things and hide piles of whatever in random places. He may have some shiny objects to offer her. c;



7 y/o large Male
Satchel will be her friend


Shadowbeast of Nidria

8 y/o xlarge Male
Alcatraz, Male Raven
© Shadow
I has good ol' @Sohvren , who will probably start recruiting for the Thieve's Guild soon and @Ryslen , who is big scary beast and honestly I never know what he's going to do. I would not recommend either for romance, but Sohv would be good for friendship or mentorship O:

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