[P]  A beautiful disaster


5 y/o xlarge Male

he had heard on his travels one land that remained a constant. Nidria. the realm of elemental beings. his steps led him to where the realm was rumored to be, and ended up in this lush landscape. in the dead of fall, there was life here. it felt serene, peaceful... almost touched. his thick charcoal coat ruffled against the chilling winds as he walked closer, curiosity piquing both his ears and reaching his eyes. 
Da'onte didn't know the source of the powers; he assumed the wolves here were born with the ability and had only come to see for himself their power before moving on. Da'onte was a rather simple wolf; he did not care to obtain power through force. there was nothing seductive about this place. he remained in control of his actions, driven only by his inquisitiveness. he peered into each crevice, inspecting them visually before drawing back.

It seemed that coming to this land had some strange effects upon his body, the light from the sun seemed to physically drain the essence from him. He moved with cautiousness his body standing tall however he was not worried; only thing that clouded his mind was finding somewhere to sleep this travel had took a toll on him.

He walked a bit away from the stumps, to the center of the willows beneath the shade of the foliage before settling down. His fur protected him from errant winds, so he felt quite comfortable sitting here.
Lowering his body to the ground he lowered his body to the ground the grass caressing his underbelly gently before flattening against his weight.
“Da'onte is speaking”


6 y/o large Female
Black Dahlia

Like a spiders erratic limbs her wings bent and twisted, acting as dexterous, eerie limbs that cracked and snapped like branches in a high wind. Navigating around the thick trunks of the giant trees, her bodice remained suspended, hoovering high above the ground while her wings propelled her forward and absorbed the bulk of her weight. The femme was a maelstrom of shadow, blurring the edges of reality and making her appear more like a massive hallucination than a real, pragmatic being... the only glimpse of color was found pooled in the depths of her eyes and the bottom of her paw pads, both a brilliant fathomless gold that kept her seated in reality if only just.

Large eyes both omnipotent and sharp, absorbed the world around her with a childlike curiosity and as she eclipsed the next grouping of trees, knobby joints of her wings harshly striking the dirt and soil, she pulled her momentum to an abrupt halt as a stranger marred her path. He was laying, sprawled among the sagging branches of a great willow while his pelt reminded her of a striped chimera spilling visages of onyx and lavender. Slowly, her wings crackled and bent as her frame descended back to the earth. Paws touched the ground soundlessly and her wings shifted, sailing up into the heavens before branching out around her in a plumage of almost monstrous size. They blotted out the sky and severed the colors, almost draining them away with the potency of her darkness... and yet... her eyes bled empathy, a raw embodiment of pure, unobtainable emotion.

“Are you alright?” Warm, gentle, pure, the words spilled from her tongue with an innocent purity. She was emotion given raw, physical form, a direct contradiction to the bleak intimidation that her lithe frame was able to strike.

“The Devout Speaks” | "The Heretic Speaks"


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