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In the process of being made, I'd love to see who is interested in becoming a part of the Thieves' Guild group that I'm sure all of you are sick of hearing me talk about since we opened in July.
Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join. Mundane or Affinity, native or outsider. The only real "audition" is for the remaining four spots on the Hand, and that's only because those four people will be helping me run the thieves' guild!
Also please understand, while the Thieves' Guild Lore has been accepted, the actual organization has not! This is just to garner interest on who would like to be a part of the guild so that when the group is put up, we can just get to the fun bits.
So, throw in your ideas and your characters, lets get plotting! 

OOC Name: 
Character Name:
History: How they joined or became a part of the thieves' guild. 

<b>OOC Name:</b>
<b>Character Name:</b>
<b>History:</b> How they joined or became a part of the thieves' guild.

A gathering of thieves, of pirates and swindlers. The Guild is group of organization crime nestled in the underbelly of Nidria. An age old association created back in the time of gods. The thieves guild was said to have been made on the foundation of organized crime between five great masters of the craft seeking peace between their warring houses. Other lore masters of the guild recount histories told to them by long gone members stating their covenant was made at the behest of Maui himself. Regardless of their creation, the thieve's guild is an old presence in Nidria. After the Great War of the Affinities and Mundane, the fortress in which the Guild ruled in like a palace was burned to the ground. They were thought to have disappeared to the passing of time. 
Hidden more deeply in the shadows than they had been in centuries, the Guild has been growing it's ranks, restocking its goods and rethinking their business strategies, their new strongehold deep within the Block Forest.
The court offers more dubious means of procuring magical and hard to find items and even artifacts rumored─allegedly─to have been blessed by the gods, including hard to get and morally ambiguous items that used to be familiars.

Located in a hidden cavern beneath one of the mountains that sneak into the Black Forest, the thieves' guild has dens and a water supply behind their main cavern to support its' members who are not currently a part of a coven. 

The Hand
The Hand, five Master Thieves that have obtained the title through sheer force, politicking or killing a previous Hand. No one wolf can rule the Guild alone, as decided by the first of the master thieves that joined together after years of fighting over territory and trade. The Hand has no order to the ranks. All decisions are made through vote, another reason for the odd number.

Four seats on the head on open for audition. The seats would ideally be given to members who are active (post at least once a week with the character you are auditioning with) and have a drive to run thief related shenanigans.
Instead of an RP sample, please include ideas of how you'd like to run the thieves' guild, how your character would have earned their position, and how you'd like other characters to know your character as.
Your character must be at least five years of age to become one of the hand.
Any other information you'd like to add should be included as well. 

An example:

OOC Name: Shadow
Character Name: Sohvren
Position: One of the Hand
History: After being chased from his home, Sohvren was found by Calix's covern. Seeking a means by which he would never feel powerless again. It was then he met his master in Calix's coven, an undercover guild member. As he healed, his master trained him to use his powers to sneak, steal and use illusion to confuse his marks. However, before his training was complete, Sohvren's master was slaughtered with the rest of the coven. 
It has been years, and Sohvren has become well traveled. He has searched Nidria of her secrets, learning what he can from all he meets. Other members, though older and less keen to emerge from the shadows, have slowly begun to look at Sohvren as the dawn of a new era of the guild. One where they once again rule Nidria. One where they reclaim their forgotten home.
On his fifth birthday, Sohvren challenges one of the older members hand, taking their spot after besting them in a one on one duel. With his victory, Sohvren has begun to spin the wheel on this new direction.
Open Titles
Beyond the Five, the thieves' guild isn't much for rank or hierarchy.  However, most of those associated with the guild come with some sort of title to differentiate them from each other. Titles usually describe a chosen mastery in whichever form of thievery one excels in, be that actual theft, brokering, larceny, fencing product, etc.
Feel free to add your own rank when applying. 

Information Broker: One, currently reserved for @San
The Fence: One, someone who sells or moves stolen goods
(Weapons, Lockpick, Sneakthief, Assassin, etc.) Specialist: Unlimited
Apprentices: Unlimited, usually reserved for those under the age of four years
Mentors: Unlimited, usually a master of their chosen specialty (a mentor may have more than one title)
Adjudicator: Four, the ones the guild calls when they need muscle




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OOC Name: Krazi_Koyoti
Character Name: Satchel
Position: The Fence
History: *coming soon *



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OOC Name: pirate-reaper

Character Name:Da'onte

Position: One of the Four Heads

How would he run the guild?

 Da'onte is a very assertive wolf, he believes in an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Sparing no one any leniency he would run the guild under a strict paw while still allowing them to do what they do. 
Respect is what is earned and he will not acknowledge those who haven't earned it. All the while he will still protect those in the organization when in need.

Da'onte had been travelling for quite some time in search of something greater, something that would make his life interesting the thrill of the land. Coming across Nidria he began to understand and learn the ways of the mysterious land; plagued with scars that run so deep through it.
He was never good with authority someone telling him what to do and when or how to do it; it burned him to his core being the reason he never joined a coven of his own. One day he came across The Thieves Guild and interested he was in his years something had never entertained him as much, he had started out with selling things and doing small business within the ranks for sometime he was content he couldn't complain.
Then one day a hunger began to form a hunger for something more it started as an itch and turned into an inferno he had tried to contain it but it festered, and he exploded he had Challenged One of the Heads that night and slain him in front of all his subordinates a public display of humiliation then assumed his title.

How I would want other characters to know him as?
 One who takes business over pleasure and who views respect as something that is earned, he won't acknowledge you without it unless its benefits the organization in some way.
He is reliable and someone who will do any means necessary to protect those who have proved themselves to him in some way.
He would be known as The Silent Executioner because if you try to cross him, and don't provide anything that is useful to him in some way he will get rid of you seeing as you have no real value to him.



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OOC Name: Hybrid
Character Name: San
Position: Information Broker
San took on this role because of the promise it brought to her personally. Having eyes and ears all over Nidria looking for wolves, places, and things offered for her the ability to do two things incredibly important to a personal vow of hers. Her ability to move through the world unseen, as her given title The Living Ghost would imply, made her stand out among the ones who prize stealth in their work. Beyond that, her skill for gathering information through spying or merely by talking with targets marked her among the guild as someone with innate promise. Well spoken, well traveled, and by no means a fool has earned her respect through the guild despite having only been present for the last few months. Though many find her lack of interest in theft strange, her gentle personality and ability to make others see things her way keeps most from questioning her motives too much.


The Ghost of The Outside

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Absinthe, Female Southern White-Lipped Python
© Dea Invidia
Figured this would be a fun little thing for Reis to join, so might as well

OOC Name: Dea Invidia
Character Name: Polareis
Position: Specialist of some sort (Will figure this out)
History: WIP

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