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Fall, Year 1

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[AW] A stranger in a strange land [OPEN]

This wolf does not belong to a pack
Gender Male
Age 5
Body xlarge
Ancestry Outsider

Posts 5
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© pirate-reaper

Aching limbs stumbled, heavily plodding along the dew-wet earth beneath him with each footfall. The charcoal colored male wove through the trees and brush of the forest absentmindedly, in a sort of auto-pilot state.

His situation wasn’t a necessarily complicated one - in fact, he’d hardly put any real thought into what he was doing, really. He’d just started walking one day, and his wandering hadn’t stopped since. What exactly he was trying to locate - if anything - was a mystery even to himself, be it some physical place or some feeling.

But something drove him on, farther and farther from his home, far into what was completely and totally alien to him. It probably didn’t help that he hadn’t seen anyone in quite some time, either. The male honestly wasn’t sure if it was the product of dumb luck or some sort of misfortune. The glint of light playing distantly on water broke whatever numbing spell his wanderlust had over him for a moment, and male became suddenly aware of his own thirst and protesting muscles.

A short rest couldn’t hurt, he thought as he shifted his attention toward the small pond he’d spotted by chance between the trees. His head dropped low, giving the surface a tentative sniff before he began to drink, watching the ripples of water distort his reflection. Something for him was out there, he knew. The question for now was - was it here?

“Da'onte is speaking”

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