[SWP]  Maui - The fox of fire [PB]


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Maui - The fox of fire

The night air is still on the border of the newly reformed Kyriu coven, that is until a bright light begins to consume the darkness of the trees which line the lake stirring the young coven from their slumber, heat floods the surroundings areas, resulting in rapid snow melt.

His great light can be seen at nearly every corner of Nidria

It is Maui himself!

The great fox is large, far larger than any wolf, or any beast who could ever walk upon Nidria, he towers over the land, eyes resting upon the small den site of the coven, the fox lowers himself upon his haunches large tail wrapping around his body as he stares unwavering — a silent beckon to the wolves of Kyriu, and any others who dare to look a god in the eyes. 

He is back this much is clear...but what could he possibly want?



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Era, Female Ermine

Calix Kyrimm

“Don’t waste your time looking back, your not going that way”

Even tho one would expect all to be sleeping during this time, calix was awake. Looking around his coven's dens making sure that everyone was safe and sound. After all they where brand new even tho the coven was old. Ice blue eyes scanned the area making sure that nothing was out of place or even nothing was lurking in the darkness. Flame armor was placed on the large male, protecting his face, his legs and his chest. It wasnt often that he sported the flame armor but it seemed proper at the moment. After all he didnt have to worry about Era for the moment, she had seemed to taken a liking to the female known as Isias but then again so had Calix. Slowly Calix made his way back to his den where he had left Era, Isias and Faramon, peeking in he smiled some as they where all slwwping soundly. "Sleep tight my family." he spoke as he walked away from the den. Ears swilved on his head as he contiued to patrol the land. It wasnt until he seen the bright light appear that made him growl slightly.

He noticed the snow melting quickly, quickly he let out a bark as he headed towards where the light and now the heat was coming from. There was now way that it was anything mortal, no. Nothing had the power like this. Calix quickly raced to the area, his pace slowling as he came to finally see Maui. ears flattened agasint the skull of the coven leader. So he had come back. But why here? Why at the coven? Ice blue eyes locked onto the fox as he began to close the gap between him and Maui. As calix got closer lips curled slightly as he still was on edge. Sure it was a god but he and the others disappeared along time ago and no one knew why. Flame armor grw slightly now covering the body of Calix, blue flames raced up the legs and even layed on the ground as he walked. As calix walked his paws were muddy but as quickly as they were muddy they turned dry, leaving his paws crusty with mud.

Calix was now just a few feet from the god. Maybe he should have bowed but he didnt, calix stood tall for the time. As far as calix was concerned the god didnt deserve his respect. Not until he was given an answer as to why all the gods just disappeared and left the animals of Nidria alone. Ice blue eyes looked over the massive fox god, tho they were slightly narrowed as he looked over the beast. "You have come back I see, why have you returned?" he asked as he kept himself standing.

"Calix speaking," "Era Speaking"

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Faramond, Male Bat
She had had a good day. Most of her morning was spent talking with her familiar, Faramond as they walked about the land getting a lay of it. But they weren't alone. Era was often with them as well. She didnt mind her though. They had gotten pretty close. An eye opened to see the white fur that belonged to Era and she could also see Faramond's. A small smile drifted across her face as wrapped her tail around them protectively. They were her family now. Calix too. She may not speak it aloud just yet but she did enjoy him around too. He was still a work in progress though. 

A yawn left between her lips and she turned her head away towards the entrance having caught the scent of Calix. He must be on his nightly patrol. Eyes started to slowly close again as she took a deep breath in and then she sightly frowned as a bright light started to filter in. Squinting briefly, her head lifted. What was that? Lifting her body slowly she stretched. Tail waving over Era and Faramond before she spoke. "Era, Faramond. Come on...a light appeared." 

Faramond slowly lifted his head. He wasn't particularly sleeping. Just resting his body as the girl's slept. He gave a squeak to Era nudging her before making his way to Isias's tail to which she lifted and placed him towards her back which he snuggled down into. Isias moved outside before starting to make her way where the light was coming from. The closer she got though, she started to notice the snow had melted. Calix's scent got closer as well. Didnt take long before she saw his form as well as the large fox sitting proudly. It was the god, Maui. But he and the rest had dissapeared. She slowly made her way to Calix, not quite sure what to make of one of the gods appearing. "...c..calix?" she spoke.


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He wasn't entirely sure what he was doing here.

It was cold out, that much he could say at least. Breathing in the frosted air, he shivered deep down that had little to do with the weather. He had planned on trying to see if there might possibly be other mundane up this way, more out of lack of better things to do then anything else. Boy was he in for a surprise however.

The scent of others lingered strong here, a coven no mistakes about it. He paused briefly at the border, wondering how rude he might be to continue. And then he noticed something that took all doubts away. A sizzling splash of fiery warmth, so bold upon the melting snow. It was quite simply, a GOD. The fox, ahh of course. There was no god that could ever claim him, he was a sacrilege in all it's form. However he was never one to shy away, and with boundless curiosity he slipped forth to greet this new age of becoming.

He noticed the other male, who seemed to be as interested as himself. One sniff and he knew the man must be an alpha here. He nodded once, a silent apology for entering unannounced. But he could never quite help himself could he?

He kept a wary distance, because after all he was mundane and foxes might enjoy the taste of horse. But he was respectful in his approach, a curiosity burning as reverent as the fire god itself.  A slight head tilt, inhaling the steam offered up by the snow melt. He then offered up a question, doing his best to convey a tone of respect. Because he had no desire to challenge the God, but simply to gain insight."" what could  you ever possible  have to  offer those who dwell here? " his voice rasped in his throat, wondering if these so called gods would react to his kind the same as all the others. At least then he might know, if it really  was just all the same damn thing. If perhaps he was a fool, and the other mundane were right. Only time would suffice, as his fickle heart lay bleeding.

walks. | "speech" | thinks.



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Rieka, Female Ocelot


"Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a place."

Laxton was actually not sleeping, instead he was out hunting. He wanted to make sure there was food ready for the coven in the morning, and just as the light was starting to appear, he was dragging a full elk back to the territory of the coven. Upon seeing the light, his instinct was to pin his ears back and become defensive. He dropped the elk at the entrance to the coven's den and took off after Calix. Upon there, he saw something he'd never seen before. He moved to stand next to Calix, having heard him greet Maui. "Who is this?" he asked Calix in a whisper. He wasn't sure what to make of Maui, or what could be happening with him there, but if Calix ordered an attack, Laxton would be the first to answer the call.

But something about Calix's demeanor told Laxton that likely was not going to happen, but just in case, he would remain prepared. He didn't know anything about the lore of this new world he found himself in, nor would he claim to. But he'd hoped that by joining the coven he would learn, so he was doing his best to learn whatever Calix was willing to teach him.


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Bezalel, Male Crow

It was hard to miss the bright glow that hailed from the sky in the north, the moment it descended Sonja would rise from where she had settled herself great wings lifting and spreading for a moment as if to help display the eager emotions that stirred inside her. What was this? Ears came to glide atop her crown as she rose, her eyes shifting to Bezalel as he swiveled his dark head upward to her, their thoughts read the same things — what on earth was happening? The woman sighed, only a moment of silent conversation between herself and her bird before the words slipped from her maw, "let's go," the word was a simple command, bringing Bezalel to the sky in an instant, pulling ahead to lead the way as Sonja lifted from the earth to follow after him. Whatever was going on, she'd be damned if she were to miss it.

The journey wasn't easy, though considerably short from their location near the black forest, it was the harsh winter temperatures that hindered her flight, threatening to freeze her feathers as they passed the snow blanketed forests of Trystle heading to the base of the mountain, her eyes remained focused upon Bezalel and the burning sun ahead of them. It felt like an eternity before they arrived, her gaze snapping down upon the wolves that had already gathered, but specks of life on the land below her compared to the towering visage of the flaming fox. The woman wrapped around the small crowd, and as she came to descend the familiar faces came into view. Calix, Isias, Satchel, Laxton. The woman gave a huff as her paws touched down, trotting closer to Calix and the great fox as her wings came to fold in against her sides the chill of their surroundings bit into her coat.

"Who is this?" she was close enough to the both of them to catch his words, audits drawing back as her lip curled in Laxton's direction, even Bezalel gave a sharp caw at the man in frustration, had he learned nothing during his time spent here? "Who is that? That is your god you insolent child" came the biting words, she'd no patience for him and his ignorance now. Not while they were standing amongst Maui himself, it was not a place for stupidity. Maui — even his name meant it, god of fire. Her glance moved up to find his face, she had never, not once laid eyes upon him before, none of them had, for it had been generations since the gods had even been spoken of. The woman took a breath, her gaze flickering over to Calix, she wouldn't expect any of them to grovel at the gods feet, no that would be degrading and pitiful, she stood as he did, proud — and as tall as she could amongst a beast who towered the tree tops.


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Facilifer, Male Poodle moth
Rarely did the blind seer leave the eerie embrace of her swamps. The South with all it's warmth and murky embrace sought to offer comfort and familiarity... and yet as the Earth trembled and shook beneath the force of some otherworldly power, Facilifer brought with him a whisper of ominous degredation and malice. The Gods had returned... well... one of them had. Amaltheia's sharp, almost vulpine features had lost all of their wicked playfullness and in it's place settled an expression of unyielding stoicism. The Gods ere nay supposed to return and that knowledge brought with it an unsettling feeling of foreboding. Show me and stay hidden.

Together, they moved with grace and surprising dexterity all the way to the stench of a recently made pack. Amaltheia repressed the urge to scoff. Foolish imbeciles think they can truly own these lands? How asinine. Her tails lashed, fanning out around her in a great, writhing tapestry of greys and browns that utterly consumed the space around her. They were mesmerizing, a beautiful sight that was bellied by the cloudiness and broken quality of her eyes. With Facilifer's guidance, she moved around the crowd of gathered wolves, paying them little mind. They were nothing. Worthless No more than ants to the breast of such a beast, herself included and she wouldn't indulge in the lies that others seemed so willing to suckle from their mother's teet.

He stands only ten feet away... though you do not need me to tell you, the heat is enough. Facilifer's voice whispered across her cortex and Amaltheia stopped before she slowly inclined her skull in a bow before reclining to her haunches and then her belly. It was a position of placation. She would humble herself for no mortal but a God, even though he was not of her element, would receive only the highest order of respect.

"Speech." 'Thoughts.'

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The child was drawn, like moth to a flame, like the others had been...albeit at a much slower pace. Caution and fear bled from ever pore on the pup as he got closer and closer, the scent of his guardian was perhaps the only scent that eased his worries enough for him to venture closer to th congregation. Curious about what was going on at the borders. The boy saw the god before was close, it towered tall over them all. No wolf came close to the fire foxes height, some lay low respectfully while others merely regarded the god with wonder and awe. 

Lumos approached slowly,  but as he drew closer the caution and fear seemed to fade. He was respectful, head and tail low. The wolf that snapped at Laxton verbally caused the boy to continue forward, away from them both. He settled a few feet in front of Laxton, one ear cocked backward to listen for his guardians words and movements while his gaze tipped back to look upon the face of Maui. Curiosity, gratitude and awe flickering across his facade. It was the sun that had chased away the demons that slaughtered his family and Maui was said to have brought the sun so... Maybe it was not just Brahma that had been looking out for him.


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Maui - The fox of fire

His eyes drop down to the small wolves below him, like ants at his paws. The fox cackles at the brave kings words, a laughter that resonates like the crackling of a fire. Why did he return he wished to know? He should be grateful that he chose to come back to his children, his....failures, who fell to war and greed.

The great foxes bright eyes would narrow on the king, even as others arrived, 

"what could  you ever possible  have to  offer those who dwell here?"  eyes snapped to the wolf, a child of the horse. 

"You have no right to be in my presence, son of Eleutheria, murderer of my children!" he bellowed. 

His tail swept then, brushing over a nearby pine which lit the tree up in flames, a display of his anger over the appearance of a horse, and nonetheless one who came with ignorance on his tongue. The tree burned, like a torch beside him. 

Then the fox lowered his great head. 

"Come, my children. For this — is the end, of the beginning. I offer you a single riddle. It is up to you to work together, and find the true meaning within my words. Listen, and listen well" 

he rumbled. 

"I create the brine and the blue, forgotten, conspicuous my cobalt carapace remains conquered by a catacomb swell"



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“Cause I'm living...living in the darkness”

A crackling laughter entered the air, amused by Calix’ questions, but he did not answer them. Lumos waited, silent, secretly hoping he would be addressed but also hoping he wouldn’t. Maui’s sun had saved him but he feared the wrath of the fire god, as any sane mortal should. One, however, did not fear the Fox of flame, a mundane. Lumos jaw dropped open as he gawked at the Horse wolf; he’d never seen one in person before. Maui’s temper flared, bellowing words at the wolf and with a flutter of his tail a tree exploded into flames. Lumos flinched at the sound and extra heat, but he did not scurry away, not yet. 
Maui’s great head bowed over them, his strange words made little sense to the pup, yet, he found himself shifting closer, eyes absorbing the brightness that was the Fire God while ears soaked in his words. The riddle was spewed forth and the childs brow furrowed, listening intently. What…the hell was ‘conspicuous’ and ‘carapace’… “Maui…I don’t know the meaning of some words.” He would reply. Looking to the Fox before hesitantly looking at the wolves around him…did they know what it meant? 
Huffing, he would start with the words he knew. “Brine and blue…that could be the ocean….umm….I create the ocean…conquered by a….tunnel…swell….?” He looked at the wolves. The child confused, that made no sense to him. Lumos would rise, pacing in a small line, the feathers on his scruff bristling slightly as he focused on the words. Maui made no sense. 


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