[AW]  Fault Line.

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7 y/o large Male

If he stopped to think about it any longer it might hurt.

So instead he didn't. But her reactions were as snakelike as he cared to admit about himself. He found some things about her desirable, after all she was at least attempting to be friendly. He tossed one last glance at the sea, leaving a small part of him forever lost behind.

But what else was new?

So he nodded once, not skipping a beat how she seemed to find his request a bit trivial he srugged it off with a nod. Because as much as he wanted to belong, trust was hard won. And as they say, know your enemy close. Well, here went nothing.

Just what was this Order supposed to mean? He was going to have to learn on his own. He had nothing in particular against his fellow Mundane, in fact he openly hoped to find friends. But he was really never good at making those, and decided not to get his hopes up. Offering a quick prayer to the turtle babies, because despite everything he could never turn his heart away from the young. And with that, he trailed curious as ever after her.

*Exit Satch*


Table by Centience. Art by xxslow-burnxx @ DA

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