a fantasy wolf roleplay
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Fall, Year 1

Season changes: Dec, 21st
Forecast: Nidria has been swept into the full force of fall; leaves scatter the forest floors.
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November 9th • The God of the fire affinity, Maui the Fox, has appeared on the border of Lake Saari! Because this is not in coven lands, anyone may join to greet him.

October 23rd • New regulations for Mundane have been added via your vote! Please take a look in the affinities section of the guidebook to see the updates

October 13th • The moon is full! Use this time wisely!

Sept 23 • Fall has started!

Sept 21 • The harvest festivel Lurid has begun here!

Aug 31 • We are almost there!! Once the site officially launches lots will be happening including our first SWP, so please take this time to get your bearings!

July 25 • Solanacaea is officially in a soft open!! Keep in mind this means some minor things may be unfinished or buggy so please be patient! Thank you <3

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[AW] cyanide under my tongue

let the willing go the willing
Gender Male
Age 8
Body large
Ancestry Outsider
Familiar • Den - Male - Raccoon dog

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© Eclair
burn through my love, i’ve had quite enough

It seems it was time for another show. The knives were sharpened, teeth bared, and a certain bane to their words as they squawked and shrilled. He has heard it all before—was it too soon to say he had seen it all before? His eyes, as if they were a drop from the sun, could only look on as he was pelted with bones and rotten rabbit corpses. It was only when these bastards began biting at his tail did he pick up the pace. However, Osirus was tired. His mind couldn’t care enough to work up even a trot. And so their fangs dug deeper, claws gripped harder.

Perhaps they grown displeased by his lack of reaction. Was it boredom? Or, maybe they finally gotten their taste of victory? Whichever the case, his rear was now a bloody mess. It stung, ached, but he kept moving forward. He shook his head to rid of somber thoughts. Horns brightened from pent up frustration. The ivy and dogwood that grew upon them would take the brunt of this obstructed magic, burning as the wind carried away their ashes. His head began to hurt as the world took on obscure, blurred shapes. Before he realized it, he had stepped over a ledge that sent him rolling down a slope into a canyon.

“Hello?” A voice sounded from somewhere in these shadows. The moon had taken its place within the dusky skies, only giving a faint glow for this spot he found himself lying upon. While he tried his best to look for the source of the voice he heard, the feeling of something wet dripping down his cheeks caught his attention. The substance was like blood but it was amber in color with a slight iridescence. One of his horns—it was damaged. There was slight panic in his eyes, unsure if this magical substance could taint the earth or any life around him. Bloody and soaked by this matter from his horn, it was a damning scene.

Osirus lain in nearing defeat when he caught sight of something moving. It was a blob, then it appeared to be a small creature. A raccoon dog. Was it the one that spoke earlier? The creature would take another step closer to him, causing the brute to groan, “You’re coming close to danger.” He almost bare his teeth as the animal didn’t seem to take his warning. The brute did not want it to get hurt for he himself had no clue of the capabilities of his horn’s magic. Before he could work up a growl, another shadowy form grabbed his attention. There was another being here. Surely, he wasn’t seeing things.

Was he?

"Speaks" | Thinks

This wolf does not belong to a pack
Gender Female
Age 3
Body large
Ancestry Native

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© Centience
"  their smiles of plated gold; "

She moved like a huntress. And on this night, that's exactly what she was. For it was the stench of blood which drew her from the darkness, the way it lured out many predators. Though this wolf, who reeked of the Stag, would have had far better luck with bears and mountain lions than he would with her. Anaru moved with a feline like grace, her long limbs drawing her closer and closer to the canyons edge, the wings that protruded from her hips were tucked in tight to aid in movement, cloth dragging from her belly and her cross thumping gently against her chest as she carried speed over open fields and hills. It was not her intent truly, to go hunting tonight, but how could she resist the smell of wounded magicka? She was approaching the edge to the canyon rapidly, golden hues focused on where the land dropped into a gaping maw, she was briefly aware of the canyons existence, though she'd never truly come this far before, it was the stench alone that drew her to the mouth of the far south west. 

Long ears would flicker slightly as she eventually found herself close to her goal. For it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the scent was coming from. She paused at the edge, pale blue claws gripping the rock and grass as she leaned her head over the lip to peer down into the darkness, but it was in fact — too dark for her to see where it was. The woman huffed, her eyes narrowing into thin slits before she pulled away to start her descent down to where the canyon parted, opening to invite outsiders into its depths. Rounding the corner, it was only the light touch of her paws in shallow water that sought to give away her arrival, or they already knew someone was watching them; perhaps the better word was position. She stood there for lingering moments, amber orbs prying upon tenebrous walls, watching; waiting, and when she grew impatient again, she moved. 

Lanky limbs drew her closer, where the scent became strong, more concentrated, the only tell tale sign in the pitch black cavern the canyon created. But eventually, after what felt like hours of treading through damp terrain, she could see ahead of her the outline of a figure. They were considerably large, bulkier than herself, with large curling horns that stood out upon their skull. Anaru came to pause, dropping her head slightly, "Oh how....unfortunate" she rumbled low. "Poor dear...." an eerie collection of words, drawn out as her voice bounced off the canyon walls. 

"Anaru speaking,"

Table by Centience. Art Nikkayla @ Deviantart

Anaru's passive 'Intuitive Perception' makes it extremely difficult for other wolves to successfully lie or deceive her

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