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6 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot

The plantation of cherry blossoms seemed peaceful for the night. The only sounds being heard from nocturnal creatures, and the wind blowing the pink petals from their perches. Dark shadows seemed to dance over the ground as a waning gibbous moon gave some light from above for a clear night. The creatures that roamed through the day would be settling down for the night. But there was one that couldn't. Glowing chartreuse orbs watched her surroundings carefully. Auds swiveled slightly to the sounds she picked up closest to her while darkened nose flared, catching the sweet intoxicating scent of the flowers. It was starting to make her sick. A frown made it's way onto her face, although her eyes drifted down to the furball curled up next to her. Eyes softened for a moment before she slowly got up, lengthy frame stretched forward as large leathery wings moved out briefly only to be brought back to lay at her sides. Her head lifted to look up to a branch above them where a feline sat gazing back down to her. No words were spoken between them, and the male feline blinked understanding. He began to make his way to the ground and then paused briefly to move his frame past the woman. A small comforting purr leaving him, to which she inhaled deeply and ducked her head to touch him. 

Xena watched him curl up in her spot near the smaller wolf that was her daughter before she glanced to the pup's familiar and then set out. As she began to get further and further from them, the suffocating feeling she had been sensing became less prominent. Gaze drifted up to the sky before legs, began to pick up their pace and then wings stretched out to lift her up. For a moment, there was silence again and her form shot through some branches causing more flowers to float to the ground. Breath was released as she took in a fresher one above the plantation below. She circled around back to her previous location, before flying a bit northeast. Water could be seen in the distance while fog seemed to be hiding something from view. WIngs beat against the air here and there as she got closer. She soon just moved alongside the edges of the fog before suddenly disappearing within. A gust of air caught under her wings before she shot out only to quickly have her body dive from a cliff. 

Such a spectacle to behold for her. Silently, she rode the currents of air like waves before moving in closer to land. Harder to do from the air when you had only three legs to brace yourself but nothing she couldn't overcome. Instead, she slowly descended into a small enough clearing amongst the forest, wingspan being tested to come closer to her body before her only right leg touched the earth safely and the rest of her body followed suite. 

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