[AW]  She Melts Me Just Like Ice


3 y/o medium Female
Her feet ached. The snow had made them numb, and they had grown raw and worn as she traveled. They stung and throbbed, now that she was on solid ground that wasn't downy with snow. The trek through the mountains left them bleeding and scraped, as though she'd never traveled this much in the entirety of her existence. However, truth be told, she'd had further journeys. She'd explored vast expanses for a large chunk of the first year and a half of her life, many endeavors of which had left her more heavily wrought with fatigue, thirst, and hunger than this. At least she'd found prey in the snow drifts. And the snow had helped to quench her thirst, no matter how cold it was. And yet, she was irked with the way her feet seemed to express that they'd never felt worse. Every step she took left the ground faintly tainted with her blood, her prints oozing and kissing the ground with a crimson overlay.

She moved silently. Her feet had only just recovered from the numb feeling, and it had become clear to her that she had been stumbling around quite noisily amidst her descent down the mountain. When her paws had found the first grasses of a valley thick with trees, she felt relieved. The air here was just a small bit warmer too, the biting cold cast away behind the shelter of the tall trees. It slipped through here and there where they spaced out, but it was much less bitter against her body as she moved between the large trunks and low hanging branches. Nyla’s empty white eyes glowed as she used the shadows to cloak her white markings, leaving her stars and forehead symbols hidden amidst the coverage of the dark.

Art © WXaman • Table © Carvalle

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