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2 y/o xlarge Male

He was growing restless, bored even of this land and it's dull serenity. He hungered for his people, his kingdom, the constant change and struggle of either matter of politics or violence. Life was never boring, there were things to be tended to, training to be had, none of this aimless wandering threatening to drive one stir crazy. The man huffed, a plume of smoke rising from inky nostrils, his agitation was growing, flashing within his burning eyes. Forward most front paw would come forward, violently colliding with a small stone which sent it roughly tumbling over frosted grass. 

Gradually his head would rise as his large frame came to a pause, golden audits rolling atop his crown as he came upon it, it was an extension of land. Reaching out low set into the cold pacific waters, the wind was here to greet him as he pressed closer to the lands edge. Eyes of fire flickering to the rolling waves, the winter had brought with it cold temperatures and wind, and the sea responded accordingly. It was early morning and the waves were growing with more and more fury, mimicking his own temper that constantly raged within. And he felt, oddly a sense of relief wash over him, to know that the world also screamed like he did. Felt the same rage, passion and fury - as he did. Akarui sighed. 

Eventually calming his breathing enough to lower his haunches upon cold earth, tail splaying behind him. Golden nails would reach out, sinking into frozen ground, his eyes flickering up as the blanket of clouds began to roll in overhead. Great. Another plume of smoke escaping from his dark nostrils, while his heart roared, his exterior remained stoic. Emotions, anything other than anger which fueled us - were only a sign of weakness. They get in the way! his fathers words reaped his mind, and the prince closed his eyes getting taken back into the past. 


Table by Centience. Art by Starry--knight @ DA



1 y/o medium Female
Finnegan, Male Fennec fox
Navy blue back rose and fell as the female slept soundly near the edge of the cliff. She had been running around all night with her mother checking out the new lands. Part of her was starting to become used to being awake at night and sleeping during the day but then there was the other part of her that needed to be awake during the day. Dark navy ears were folded back agasint her head while her long tail curled around her body. It had been some time since she had been near an ocean, she missed the sound of the water hitting the sands and even missed the salty smell. Täni was sure that her mother on the other hand didnt enjoy the water as much as she did but knew that she did it so Täni could be happy. As Täni laid on the ground tiny little water dropletts gathered on her making her slightly sparkle in the early morning sun. It wasnt to long before the young female began to stir from her sleep, her ears flicked slightly as she began to pull her tail away from her face.

Bright blue eyes opened slightly as she looked around, still not quite awake as she lifted her head up to search the area around her after all she had gone to sleep out in the open who knew what was watching her. As she got up she streched out her body and yawned slightly as she shook her pelt sending the droplets every where. Blue eyes turned to the water that was below, she watched the water crash onto the sand and then be pulled back out into the opne ocean. Taking a deep breath she sat down curling her tail around her paws, for the moment she would just take in the water after all her mother wouldnt be awake for a while and she could just enjoy the water. "I see your awake already“ a soft voice rang in her head as she turned to see her companion appear from a small bush. Smiling softly as she nodded her head “Yeah, I couldnt sleep anymore“ which was the truth, it was hard for her to sleep when she just wanted to explore the lands more.

Finnegan took his spot next to Täni yawning slightly, he had taken refuage in a bush near by where Täni had decided to sleep. As he sat there he looked up at the female and smiled some, she had grown into quite the young female. He was happy to see her so happy and alive. Even more so that she had found someone that took care of her so well like Xena did. Soon his attention was drawn towards a scent that seemed to have just swept in, his large ears rotated on his head as he looked around. Täni still didnt have the skills to pick up scents fully yet which is why he stuck around when Xena headed back to the den. He out a yip as he stood up and sniffed into the air. When she heard the yip she looked down at her fox friend and tilted her head. She wasnt sure what got into him but noticing him sniffing made her sniff. Which was when she picked up the scent tho it was rather faint so maybe whoever it was moved on, or so she hoped. Ears flicked around her head as she tried to figure out who it was but it was no use, she wasnt any good at locating scents. Finn looked at Tani trying to find the source and he sighed some as he just shook his head. There was no way she would ever find the wolf that gave the scent, at least not yet. 

Finnegan began to sniff into the air as well as down at the ground. He would find this source and see if they where freindly or not. Not many payed much attention to him since he was so small and didnt cause any sort of damage. Slolwy he made his way to where the scent was getting stronger, as he closed in her seen the beast that the scent was coming from. It was a rather large male with orange and red and yellow colors. His large cream ears folded back agsint his head as he still made his way closer, he needed to know more about him. Specially since he had to protect Tani since she was out here alone with out Xena. And if anything happened to Tani Finnegan wouldnt forgive himself. As he got even closer his paw stepped down upon a small twig and it snapped. Finn gasped slightly as he held his stance only hoping that the wolf wouldnt harm him right away.

“täni.“ “finnegan.“

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