[AW]  Beast of the black forest


7 y/o xlarge Male
Vulkan, Male Silver fox

He snapped his jaws at her legs when she drew closer, ears flat hard to his head as he growled. Jaws parted an opening between his teeth, his fangs more likely. A soft fiery glow at the base of his throat, his legs were crossed yet he didn't dare move. He just didn't want her to get to close, she was too friendly for his liking. Licking his jaws he slowly sat up, wincing at the pull. Sitting at his full height he growled again.

"Why did you help me? You're too.... bubbly." He said softly, his eyes scanning the smaller female with distaste. Slowly he stood, he wanted to just lay down and sleep but now. He stood and glared down at her, leaning forward almost as if their muzzles were to touch. His embered gaze stared her down, his tail twitching and hanging limply against the ground. The skin on his back hurt, he just wanted to sleep deeply. Snorting he sat down and actually curled up, his ankles crossing as he held his lids at a half-close. He slowly fell asleep, feeling Vulcan creep closer. The feeling of his eyes on him, ear twitching as he fell into a deep and restless sleep.

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