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in the end, time forever favors the young.

This wasn’t it at all. She hadn’t seen a hint of doom circle the sky. Actually, the heavens didn’t seem to bow its head in despair anymore—it had the grace of colors as rich as honey combed through its tresses. The sun was back, and calmness skipped through the air as if everything has never gone amiss. She wasn’t home. This definitely was not where her roots rested. Her breath quieted, and the woman’s wings hugged her chest tightly.

Esabella needed to find something to dress her wound. That fiend had played her like a fiddle. Why did she believe them? All four of them are destroyed—she had no reason to think the last one of the bloodline she protected is still alive. She saw the fear in the youngster’s eyes, and the bloodlust of the fiend who offed him. They were all truly gone... and so was she.

Ceruleans were locked into nothingness as she stared off into the distance. She wasn’t sure what to feel, if that were even possible in the first place. Her mind would retreat from the void and snap back into reality. A light sigh left her lips, and Esabella began sauntering forward once more. Hardly could she imagine how upset the spirit that chose and entrusted her truly was. The dame failed, and it likely wanted to tear her head off and burn her soul for eternity.

She’d stretch one of her wings out to see if the wound on her chest still bled. Glossy feathers were stained in dried blood, and luckily, it appeared to be just old blood. A part of her wanted to lick the feathers clean, but the light scent of blood had her nauseous. So, she let her icky wings stay wrapped around her.

With her nose to the ground, Esabella sniffed around for any sign of a water source. Honestly, if the earthy odor of moss could fall onto her path, it would be a valuable find. There was no telling where her luck stood in the possibility of infection.

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Juniper, Female Cat

This was further than she'd wandered before though not a concern seemed to touch her. It was only her small companion that seemed a bit worried, always the scaredy cat (no pun intended) and not willing to branch out and try new things. But that had never stopped Roselle before. Perhaps she lacked some sort of common sense most others had that warned them when they were reaching the edge of something a bit too dangerous for comfort. Even as a small child, Roselle had never known fear or caution, even in the face of strangers. She had no reason to believe there was any bad in the world. Why would she need to learn the value of caution?

For now she was content with her exploring, unaware of how close to the boundary of Nidria lay. There was a pungent scent in the air belonging to other predators though it was not cause for concern. She had never encountered a cougar face to face after all and did not really know what they even were. If anything the scent almost reminded her of Juniper who had stayed well at the edge of the woods, not daring to follow after her should anything happen. It was okay. She would go to find the feline when she was done exploring.

The air here, she came to realize, wanted to fight with her lungs as she attempted to draw in breaths and she blinked a bit at this though paid it no further mind. She was aware that the elevation had risen with the gradual slopes but she had yet to piece together the correlation between the oxygen in the air and the elevation. If anything she just assumed it was being feisty. She was not sure if air itself could have its own unique thought but she was very certain that the wind could be playful or dreadfully angry whenever it felt like it. The two were one in the same, weren't they? It made sense to her.

It was the scent of blood that made her stop and her pink nose wrinkled. Finally, a familiar scent among everything that was new though not one she welcomed. A frown pulled at her lips and, though she knew it would be better to stop and assess the situation, she moved forward with light steps. Petal colored eyes glanced around, searching between trees before eventually finding a stranger. The blood smell was stronger here and she felt her chest swell with pride at her tracking job well done. "You're bleeding." A statement more than a question and one said without any hesitation. It was an obvious observation as she waited for the woman to respond.

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Alberto, Male Green iguana
Apologize for crap post, my first ever with her.
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At least it was nice out here.

She had awoken earlier then expected, with a sense of hunger clinging to her ribs. Acid green eyes blinking as she slowly unfurled from her den, brushing up fondly against the nearest strand of tree's, the cool dawn morning lulling her into a peaceful state of mind. With this feeling, she headed off to see what might become of this day.

The first thing to do was acquire breakfast. She had noticed some rabbits lurking a few days earlier, and decided to see if she could scrounge something up. As she waltzed along, she did catch a scent but it wasn't prey rather it was the mingling of her own kind. Curiously, she decided some company might not be such a bad thing. With a sudden change of direction, she veered towards faces unknown.

The first one she noticed was a rather stunning woman with a gypsy like flair. Pausing for a moment, her eyes then landed upon another female also unique but clearly hurt. Instinct took hold, and all doubts cast aside as she wandered slowly into the fray.


"Oh goodness, do you need any help?"
a tone full of concern, she gave enough space to be respectful. Glancing between the two, wondering what sort of story might be waiting. As she hovered close, a large green iguana slipped into sight and immediately invaded the winged ladies space with a small hiss. He looked her over as if doubtful she wasn't faking. Agatha frowned grumpily, of course he had to be late to the party. She remained quite however, curious to see both of their reactions to this new stimuli. 


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