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Quiana Ishkor
The she wolf walked aimlessly. Her nails dragging against the earths ground, pulling up whatever debris she could as she moved. Her head hung low to the ground, purple hued eyes staring ahead. She felt like a robot. Very few emotions flew through her during this moment of time. There was no one here so far but she had a desire brewing deep within her chest and that was for this land to give her something to work with, so she would grow again once more. She wanted to flourish like these weeping willow trees as their branches and leaves danced along the ground softly, barely caressing it.

She didnt know growth or the feeling of being useful since she left her old land. Quiana swallowed the lump forming in the back of her throat and she came to a stop close to the waters edge, lurking underneath the protection of a weeping willow tree. Audits twitched at the sounds of other animals lurking about but there was no fire burning within her to go after them. There was one thing she was grateful for though and that was the lack of snow the further south she went in the lands. That brought a gentle smile to her features as she looked towards the water. She was still dirty with a slightly matted coat but that was the only thing hiding the fact that her bones were showing through her skin, a sign that she was not eating enough.

Once she got her mind focused on something, sometimes she became too driven, or even too tired to go for prey. It was unhealthy but she took pride in her determination at times.

"He Talks."

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Most days he was wandering this forsaken land without purpose, without drive. The loss of his kingdom and his people had taken a huge toll on the man. What was he supposed to do with himself? He had found a little bit of a reason, within the young she-wolf Aquila, training her at least kept him focused so he wouldn't go stir crazy pacing with aimless determination. It was something — but it still wasn't enough. The man would give a huff through ebon nostrils, a plume of smoke escaping from his nose. Golden hues, that once burned like fire, were simmering down to a dull glow. Muscular legs pushing him forward still though, there had to be something he could do. Rebuild maybe? No. This was not his home. It never would be, and he couldn't replace the people he'd lost. Accept that this was his life now? Definitely not.

Dark lips would twitch with annoyance; but he kept walking, tufts at the base of his front legs dragging through the muddied earth. Here winters grasp wasn't so strong, it lingered off at the warmer temperatures of the southern territories. Of course snow wasn't a very common thing in his homeland, so he was glad at the chance to avoid it.

Head would rise then, golden audits curving atop his crown as he caught the silhouette of a stranger, he half considered turning around and heading back from where he'd come. But he forced himself to draw closer instead, and the closer he got, the more concerned he grew. Her pelt did hide most of it that was true, but he was observant and intelligent enough to know that she was not in an ideal situation herself. Burning pools danced up to her face, skimming over the small curved horns upon her crown as he paused there. Lingering a few feet behind her and slightly to the left, he cleared his throat. "You kind of look like hell" he commented gruffly, scrunching up his nose a bit as he observed from his distance. Careful not to intrude upon her space. Brows knitting together with his conflict of approaching the woman in the first place. But; here he was. Hopefully not signing himself up to take care of another battered soul.


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