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2 y/o large Male
"Ha! I win again!" A sharp, bellowing voice crackled beneath the raging protest of the waterfall -- the only one of its kind staking claim within Nidria as a rare commodity. He grew impatient, lamenting his boredom as he searched for the likes of Akarui and the company of that unsavory woman of wet palette who dogged him like a flimsy bird's wing. The boy did not care much for the likes of her, but that she was strong, and he desperately hoped she would relieve him of his boredom once he finally found the fiery sovereign and his pet. Pale leg stretched long and with playful motion as it lifted up wiggling toes, those of which two black pebbles lay between where there they glistened from the sheen of the falls' rainbow froth. Striking out with that same ligament, he threw the near identical specimens onto the ground before an angry corvid creature who cawed at the strangely accented youth; simultaneously did his mark hit its aim, toppling the small pile of shiny stones that the creature had collected into categorized differences, scattering them in one go.

Caw, caw, caw came the bird's reply, but Leontari only laughed a toothy laugh at the corpse cleaner, rolling back and forth onto his sides as if he had told some great joke and was pulling at the seams with dangerous amusement. Boredom subsided, he relaxed in this transition of tranquil, passing peace. He knew soon it would end as all things did.

And so he stretched his long, slender body along the gray scale painted ground, flexing his purple paws and paler toes on the ends of his hind legs as his tail curled like a regal banner upwards. Only managing to catch one medium fish, it had been enough simply to fill him up as his furnace sputtered to a lethargic start, his body already plentifully in glee with stagnant heat that rose all throughout his body. With a cat's purr from wolf's grinning jaws, he parted them to lap at the edge of the collected pool beneath the falling waters, his golden hued irises kept open to stare across the way as he drunk his fill, until he was filled and his thirst quenched for now. Then he fell back onto his haunches and turned his attention back to the bird who was reorganizing his stash of peculiar pebbles. Tipping one angular, sharp stone against the end of his nails, he shot the object of the bird's fancy straight behind it, causing feathers to fly in unruly manner as, instinctively, the crow was able to call him out as the culprit. It turned and crowed angrily, but all it did was cause the young man to pout in aggravated leniency (though still he smiled), ears sweeping back against his head as he cooed to it. "You're no fun, Mr. Crow." The nickname more a growl than in pawing objection.



2 y/o xlarge Female

This land was foreign to her, she'd come here, wrapping around the snow capped mountains, and while it made the journey far longer even she was bright enough to know she'd likely freeze to death in those mountains before making it through them. The longer trek around ended up being the more...appealing route. A huff left the womans dark nostrils, broad paws ebony pressing onto the cold snow painted ground, sinking with each step from her weight, her head trailed low, the weight of her dense horns often causing the effect. But it was, the sound of rushing water that brought Octavia to pause, raising her head to lay her bright eyes upon the massive falls the cascaded down from the mountains. But there was something there that was far more intriguing then the waterfall, Tavi had very little interest in natural wonders of the world; they simply didn't impress her the way other things did. 

"You're no fun, Mr. Crow." 

Audits perked, her bright eyes contrasting against a dark face shifting to lock onto the carrier, he was of interesting colors, more fascinating than anyone she'd seen before. He bore hues she hadn't previously thought to mix, the front half of his body consumed in deep maroon, it bled into a more pale tone for his back half dappled with bright golds, Octavia smirked moving closer to him her stride lacked the feminine grace most women naturally possessed, instead she moved much more like a bear, large shoulders rolling as she rocked her heavy skull to and fro, parading over to him like a huffed up bull. 

"Didn't your mother ever tell you birds don't make good playmates - they're way too serious" Octavia scoffed at the crow, scrunching her nose before her focus shifted back onto the man, she moved closer inconsiderate in any regard to personal space she came over, quickly closing the gap aiming to roughly push her head into his shoulder, and with any luck knock him off balance.  


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