[P]  Hats Off To The Bull.


7 y/o large Male

Things had not exactly been going well for him recently.

Limping painfully along the path of green, he found it almost ironic that he was surrounded by such beauty. The cool crisp evening air lingering rather pleasant in his foul lungs, he paused for a moment as the lavender flowers invaded his senses. As he furrowed his brows, he leaned in close to the nearest batch and took a slight wiff. Even the smell was better then everything he'd amounted to recently. But of course, madness had little room for prettiness.

He was an absolute mess, his shoulder still aching like a hot knife and his ribs refused air to his lungs an easy passage. But self pity was never an indulgence he adhered too, and he was just grateful to still be mostly upright. He absolutely refused to pay attention to his crown jewel, it now was as lonely as his ever waking moment. He glanced up from his flowers, and that was when he noticed the mud puddle.

It was hard to miss, almost in perfect view of the entire place. A silly little grin, and he stumbled doggedly toward it. Upon arrival, he wasted no time in plopping into its embrace and wallowing about. Letting out grunts and groans of satisfaction, for these few blissful seconds nothing else really mattered. He continued to roll around determined to become one with the Ick. Of course any onlookers would be hard pressed to not see him as a filthy white stain on an otherwise pristine canvas that was the rise. Well, he was never very good at behaving in public anyway.




8 y/o xlarge Male
Alcatraz, Male Raven

Beauty was not a thing the great red beast was known for appreciating.  The great, purple expanse was, if he was being honest, less scenic and more of a strain on his nostrils. The poppies had lulled him to sleep, and here he was, a giant red mass in the middle of a sea of fluttering, delicate lilac and amethyst. The beast snorted, his hot breath visible in the cold, winter air as it sent petals scattering to the wind. 

With a grunt, he rose to his pads, swirling flowers and shadow whirling around him in spiraling patterns. Deep, glittering amber eyes blinked lazily as he gave a mighty stretch, mouth wide and rear in the air. His shadows sung, curling around his legs and uplifted tail, practically thriving in the cold and wintery darkness. With a snort they silenced their chirping, the monster neither in the mood nor one to suffer foolish behavior; least of all from his own shadows.

His dark ears gave a twitch as he trode forward, petals clinging incessantly at his thick pelt as if attracted to the crackle of power that always radiated from him. He gave himself a shake, the petals fluttering around him as if they gravitated to his very presence. So entranced with the annoying flowers he failed to see the scrap of wolf rolling around in a mud hole until the movement finally drew his golden eyes with a snap.

The great beast could smell the weakness, even through the muddy shell the once white creature seemed to hide himself in. It made his blood sing, the thrill of prey waking the most primal part of his being with a flourish. Almost like a pup, the battered creature before him frolicked in the mud pit, as if the mud could wash away every awful metaphorical stain with much more literal ones. 
As best he could, the red monster dialed back his initial need to pounce. Rolling his shoulders, he found himself a spot far enough away to spectate without being splashed.

With a quirk of his brow, he broke the silence:
"Bit cold for a..." the pause was for effect, his lips curling over his discolored teeth as if in mock snarl. "..bath." his finished his sentence with a quip, but unspoken question and implication rolled in one.

"Ryslen speaking," | "Alcatraz speaking"

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7 y/o large Male

He hadn't been expecting company.

But then again, he hadn't been expecting a lot lately. He was transcendent with the mud, as if entering his own private universe. It was a rare moment in the last few weeks he'd blatantly allowed himself to enjoy. So he wan less then thrilled to be interrupted. He jerked his gaze sharp upon the intrusion, and let out a less then humble sigh as it became clear who it was.

Sonja's brother dearest invaded every inch of his sight. He stilled for vs moment, hackles on alert as he glanced quickly around for her. But it became apparent just as quick that this hunk of a man was all by his lonesome. Uncertain if this was better or worse, he didn't bat an eye as he slowly shifted upwards from the mud. A terrible curiosity despite knowing how vulnerable he was right now. He never could help himself though.

"Your prettier then your sister." a careful hush to his voice, as he slowly unhinged himself from the waste. As he emerged onto dry land, he took his time to stretch out lazily like an overgrown cat. However he kept his eyes upon the man unwavering. 
"So what brings the big bad wolf out this way? "
a leery grin, he stood up fully on all fours and inhaled slightly. Doubtful that this was going to be a fun and simple play date.



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