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Im planning on bringing in a character who is 12 years old. He'll be born during the war of the mundanes and will be a paladin. 

I see him creating a pack very quickly once he "returns" to claim his kingdom. 
This pack will be open to every one except Mundanes at first. 
It will start between him and a few that he draws to him threw role-play. 
I really want him to build this coven through role-play so traditions and leadership will all be built during the year.
I do have a structure in mind once we get enough members to make it a true pack and he will encourage one Representative from each element to step up and take a seat at his table. He will of course make decisions for the group while more and more character's step up but once they have formed a council of wolves he will step down to be apart of the circle and not above it. 

I expect this pack to be drawn together for protection against the mundanes but not as an actively seeking group of killers. He will take out any and all evil wolves in his eyes.. Even if they hold the same element as he does. 
This will be a lawful pack. He will expect obedience to a degree but yet offer free will. He will expect loyalty but offer freedom in return. Above all he will wish for the wolves at his table to have Honor and Righteousness. Speaking the truth and keeping their word. 
This however does not mean it will happen and he will accept anyone wishing for a safe place to grow and raise their young but he will not carry freeloaders or lazy wolves. Each wolf will have a path.. The way they walk and how far they run down that path is up to them. 

Once you are in the pack he will teach you everything he knows/remembers. The gods, the old ways, and all the history he can bring to his mind. This pack will run off the idea that gods did once exist and created the wolves of this place and used to speak to them often. Though the voice he remembers was angry and distant, his father told him of the times when they would have full conversations with their "Mother goddess." 

If you are interested in joining up with him, you can message me here or on Discord. Everyone that joins will have a say in how the pack will be shaped and what should and should not be celebrated. The only thing I wouldn't bet on is sacrifice and murder having anything to do with this pack. 

For the Ice King will slay all who take life that doesn't belong to them and will he wont tolerate those who hate and are full of rotting hearts. 

I have a few rank names that I think everyone will enjoy but its just an idea.

Leaders of each element

-Northern Spire
-Southern Sear
-Eastern Zephyr 
-Western Torrent 
-Day's Radiance
-Night's Umbra



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I am interested in this plot!



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(03-18-2020, 11:40 PM)Yuriel Wrote: I am interested in this plot!

Im so glad! I wont be doing anything with it until i put up the King but once I do i will definitely throw something up for you >3

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