[P]  Rain and Memories


4 y/o large Female

Her paws were itching with excitement to explore such a new landscape. A nice coat of rain had drenched the lands and it looked promising for more as the day progressed. But she guessed, spring was on it's way fast. Already, life seemed to be sprouting from the earth. She bounced on her paws before giving a quick spin as she hummed. She didn't like storms but when it was just a shower or two, she could deal with it. Large eyes gazed at the colorful leaves above, wait a minute. They looked like they were in autumn. She paused in thought now. How riveting that was? The woman wondered if the forest was always like this. 

If it was, she couldn't wait to let her brother know. Wait, she wasn't home anymore. Sameria looked down briefly, that was right. She had decided to leave. Her brother on the other paw, decided to stay. Normally, they did things together. They were rambunctious siblings. So much different than their father. She wondered if everyone was okay. After all, when she left it wasn't really on good terms with the male. 

Wasn't important! With a quick shake of her crown, her headdress which connected from one ear to another slightly swayed as she began to bound around the trees scaring a small herd of deer as she went. She felt as light as air after all. Soon, she skidded to a stop as a river snaked its way through. Her head tilted slightly before she lowered her head to take a sip. The water was refreshing and clean.

"Sameria Speaking" 'Thoughts'

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4 y/o xlarge Male
Sada, Female Island Fox
His paws glided above the land as if the wind was really the one carrying him over this crazy white yet green land. It still brought a certain awe over him to imagine that nothing like this was possible in the land he'd once come from. The awe was pushed to the back of his mind as the beating of his heart began to echo in his ears. He had been running at a fast pace ever since he'd caught the scent of her on the wind. The almost tangible allure of his sister was right in front of him and all he had to do was follow it before it disappeared completely. He could imagine the feel of her breathe and the touch of her pelt against his but yet it was still nothing compared to the real thing. His heart reached out for her but he knew it would never each her but what he didn't expect was his body to lift from the ground. His paws kicking at nothing and for a short moment he scrambled for a way to control the speed and direction. His paws swung around wildly and his face contorted into a slight fear before he took control. It was like a switch turned on in his brain, he stopped scrambling and just pushed up with his paws. His legs seeming to take long leaps at first and then easily perched on the wind. Pure joy seeped in his heart as this was a much faster and way more fun way of travel. A small voice he'd almost forgotten about echoed in his mind. "Sure.. Just leave me behind why don't yah.."  The little minx said all snippy. It caused an eye roll before he took a sharp turn straight at the fox. His muzzle catching her middle in a tight grip before lifting her with him. A small squeal of surprise echoed in his mind and it made the wolf grin around his captured prey. 

Another whiff of his sister caught him and he took a sharp turn to the left following along the edge of a stream. It's waters spraying out of his way like a royal recession. His smile widened the moment he set eyes on his sister, though it faded just as fast when he noticed he didn't know how to stop. The moment his brain thought the word stop the wind underneath him immediately disappeared and he shot forward like a rocket. The little fox in his jaws was now flying through the air as well, a scream leaving him and letting her loose. She fortunately kicked off his muzzle and aimed to land gracefully on the bank of the stream. Haidar crashed into the pebble bed of the stream, face first and rear end in the air.  Embarrassment flooded through his veins and he debated lifting his head out of the stream for a moment before his lungs tightened in his chest. Slowly he pulled his head up and took a breathe, "Hey sis." He moaned and tried to sit up. 

Saba Haidar

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