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The Order
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The Mundane believe themselves better than those ruled by the elements, taking on a knightly facade and many of them seek to purify or even eliminate the individuals cursed with magick. Their tactics and approaches may often be seen as unethical, immoral and to some...just plain wrong....but to the Mundane, they must compromise; sacrifice in order to achieve purity — to achieve peace. On top of their belief that the other affinities are cursed, evil individuals, the Mundane hold a lot of hatred within their hearts, the stories that have been passed down say that it was the other affinities, and their deities who eliminated the horses (their affinity animal) from the world, and killed Eleutheria as well. They are to blame for everything, they're the ones who wish to eliminate the Mundane from this world for their differences, for being ruled by none, for being who they are. Mundane. 

All members MUST be of the horse affinity. No exceptions.
Loyalty is of the utmost importance.
The Patriarchs word is ultimate law. From there on the rule of command shall fall down the line in a waterfall effect as follows according to the rank page. Wolves must follow the command of wolves ranked above them, who must follow the command of wolves above them and so on. 
Killing another horse affinity, no matter the reason, is forbidden. UNLESS the wolf has been sentenced to death under a trial
Relationships with Magicka are forbidden. Siding with the enemy is considered a treasonous offence & will be punishable as the Patriarchs see fit.
Mundane may use Magicka for the purpose of producing offspring (in fact, this is encouraged). However, all pups that are born of Magicka blood must be culled immediately upon birth. The Patriarchs may ask that the Magicka parent be brought to them for sacrificing.
The Order does not take prisoners.
Coven meetings are mandatory; failing to attend will result in being removed from the Order.
Wolves may hold up to 3 ranks, in order to show profession in more than one area. But may only hold one high rank or position of leadership.

Events & customs

The questioning:

The Knights exam:

Trial of the court:

The head of the church Maronite Patriarch:  @Anaru
Syriac Patriarch:
The highest ranking positions in the Order, the Patriarchs oversee everything, including holding meetings, conducting battle strategies & handle all politics. These are The orders leaders, and represent the Order for everything that it is.

Archbishops (2): --
The personal guard for the Patriarchs. Archbishops should be highly active. They are expected to keep extremely close tabs on their assigned Patriarch to ensure their safety. Due to the nature of their cause they understand their Patriarchs could be in danger from Magicka at any moment, and may enter any thread their Patriarch is in. (Patriarchs may also enter their assigned Archbishops threads.)

Cardinals (3): --
The Advisors of the patriarchs, respected individuals whose word is valued by the Patriarchs above all others. They will often call these individuals to private meetings to gain advice and insight on decisions regarding coven, war efforts, political exploits and more.. They are in charge of all high level matters within the coven that are not under the direct control of the Patriarchs. Cardinals are expected to have a high activity level. Cardinals are often (but not always) heirs to the Patriarchs. 
The Precedence A group of trusted leaders which fall directly below the head of church, for each speciality of Mundane, these are highly respected individuals, chosen for their exceptional skill in their class, these are often believed to be the best of the best within their chosen specialty & are in charge of wolves which fall under their class, including training, ranking up, etc. The pastor must have the specialty they're ruling over. 

Pastor Altor (1):  
The leader of the Abjuration class of Mundanes. 

Pastor Sie (1):  -- 
The leader of the Conjurer class of Mundane

Pastor Veritas (1): --
The leader of the divination class of mundane

Pastor Partum (1): --
The leader of the Mystic class of mundane

Pastor Alchimia (1): @Venemtress
The leader of the Alchemist class of mundane

Pastor Belator (1): --
The leader of the Armourer class of mundane
The Military
High Knight (1): 
The highest ranking warrior of the coven, also known as a war general & leader to all other classes that fall within the military branch. They oversee nearly all happenings within the military branch, including training & ranking up wolves. They may be expected to attend meetings with the head of church & precedence to discuss war strategy.  

Executioners (2): @Ialu
Two special ranks are held for those who carry out the execution of Magicka wolves specifically during sacrifices or events, although they may be called upon at any time. This rank is to ensure the Patriarchs do not have to get their paws dirty, although Patriarchs may take over the executioners' job at any point, or assign any member of the coven to perform the killing. 

Vaticans (4):  @Venemtress @Scathach @Disaster
Assassins, spies, this makes up a class of wolves that specialize in combat whilst being stealthy and silent. They may often be sent out to eliminate single targets or gain information on individuals or even other covens or groups of wolves. They may also be sent out to gather information on happenings around Nidria. 

Knights (unlimited): 
This makes up the bulk of The orders military force, recognized knights have passed the Knights exam and may work independently for the most part unless ordered otherwise or called upon. They typically live pretty well off and may receive benefits other individuals may not get such as being first to eat, getting claim over the best weapons, etc.  

Bucklers (unlimited - Abjuration only): 
Wolves that specialize in defense, these wolves dedicate their time & skill toward protecting the order & all of its inhabitants. 

The Special forces
Blacksmiths (unlimited - Armourer only): @Dovain
Armourers that dedicate themselves to the work of providing the order with weapons and armor. 

Paladin (unlimited): 
Special class of knights that fight with close range weapons, usually blades & almost always carry a shield of some sort. 

Ranger (unlimited): 
Special class of knights that fight using long range weapons, throwing knives, arrows, etc. 

Barbarian (unlimited): @Klaus
The Barbarian is a breed of fighter focused more on damage than defense.

The Infirmary
High bishop (1): 
The highest ranking healer of the coven & leader to all other classes that fall within the medical division. They oversee nearly all happenings within the medical team, including training & ranking up wolves.  

Bishops (unlimited): 
Make up the general medical team, they can aid in almost all matters of medicinal work and hold a general knowledge of healing & medicinal herbs. 

Field medic (unlimited): @Dovain
Healers that specialize in combat medicine they often focus their efforts on healing and aiding wolves wounded during times of war & will be sent out with wolves that go off to war to tend to wolves on the spot during battle. 

Pediatric nurse (unlimited): 
Wolves that specialize in the care of pregnant females & their pups. They will often be on standby during a mothers labor & delivery and may be the only wolves to enter a nursing mothers den without asking explicit permission. Also often times act as the covens babysitters. 

The Apothecary
Ardeirim (4 - Alchemists only): @Venemtress
An important class of wolves that are dedicated to testing new theories and potions. These highly renowned wolves often times also dabble in experimental arcane practices that may benefit mundane in larger scales such as turning magicka into mundane, reverting familiars back into regular animals & more...

Tisane (unlimited): 
These are wolves (primarily but not always of the apothecary spec) that specialize their talents & knowledge into that of medicinal and healing purposes.  

Banes (unlimited): 
These are wolves (primarily but not always of the apothecary spec) that specialize their talents & knowledge into that of poisons 

Deacons (unlimited): 
These wolves make up the Order's hunter-gatherers. They are expected to hunt and supply food for the Order as well as gather information & herbs. Some wolves dedicate their lives to hunting, some to supplying the Order's bishops and others to spying and gathering information. 

The Opulence
High Priest (1):
The spiritual leader of the order, this individual is often renowned for being close with Eleutheria and their higher self. They are known for their wisdom and spiritual guidance. The high priest oversees all happenings within the Opulence including training, and ranking up wolves. 

Seer (4 - Diviners only):
Wolves that dedicate their time & energy toward looking into future events & truth seeing through their special gifts or use of potions for the purpose of ensuring honesty & purity among the coven. They may often be called upon by the higher ups for help during trials, for questioning magicka or new members.

Observers (Unlimited -Mystics only): 
A special class of wolves (typically mystics) that dedicate their time and skill into that of copying or mimicking magicka abilities for study and beneficial gain. They may often be trying to attempt to 

Chimeras (Unlimited): @Rat
These individuals specialize in working within the dreams of others, they master the skill of dreamscaping, walking, influencing and some may even harbor the ability to induce sleep. They may use their abilities for a number of skills such as gathering information, offensive or defensive & more. 

Necromancers (Unlimited - Conjurer only): 
Wolves that specialize in communicating and summoning the dead. They may work specifically on getting information as well as aiding in rituals & customs revolving around the deceased. 

Wolves (typically new members) that have not yet proved their value to The order & are still attempting to climb into a respectable position.

Youth: @Arkyn @Matheus @Dinah
Pups of The order that are not old enough to hold a rank.


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