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HELLO! This is where I will list my active horde members and try to get some plots and ideas going for them. Please come and love me. I am very lonely. ;-;


Female • Native • 3 Months • Heterosexual • The Order • Mundane

Abandoned by her mother, Aella has been adopted by Dove and will be joining the Order with her! She is still very young and impressionable and I would really LOVE for her to get out there and meet all the people. She will probably be more of a healer type as she does not really have the size or strength to hold up in battle, even when she gets older. She'll be very prone to emotions and probably a tiny bit sick around blood and stuff.


• People to meet. Any and everyone!
• Training things obvs


Male • Native • 5 Years • Heterosexual • Loner • Ram

When Anwir was born, it was in the midst of the war. His people, who had managed to hide themselves away and keep out of the line of fire for the most part, suddenly began to experience misfortune and bad luck shortly after his birth. Because he was an only child, his littermates stillborn beside him, it was believed he was the cause of this misfortune. Attacked and made to stay away from others, he was soon traded away to a mundane man who promised them safety in exchange for the child, promising not to give their location away. Finding interest in such an unwanted child, the man took him in as an experiment and nothing less. He was not cared for like any other child. He was abused and mistreated, attacked and cut for samples of his magicka blood to see how they might steal away his powers. But he got away after years of imprisonment and disappeared in to the shadows. Now he holds a resentment for all, magicka and mundane alike. Both are equally as disgusting in his eyes and looks for a way to make each pay in their own respects.


• Probably someone for him to bully and attack. If anyone is needing a character killed, mundane or magicka, please don't hesitate to ask once he's in!
• Maybe someone to play someone from his past? If anyone would wanna be the mundane who experimented on him or even someone from his birth tribe, I am always down for plotting!


Male • Outsider • 4 Years • Heterosexual • Loner • Stag

A greedy man, Ishan is sort of a darker sort. He's very manipulative and will do whatever it takes to manipulate those around him in to doing whatever it is he wants. He is very conceited in the sense that he believes himself to be a god of sorts as a reincarnation of the sun. He is... sort of a weird nut and may get in to some weird culty things. I would very much be interested in maybe forming together some sort of coven with him, or at least a small sort of group. It would be probably anyone (even mundane if they can get past their uneasiness for magicka). He is not particularly bothered by the lack of magic but finds it more interesting if nothing else since his sister turned out to be a mundane when they arrived in Nidria.


• Acquaintances, rivals, etc.
• Maybe someone to teach him the religions and cultures of the land, especially the war and everything with the mundane vs magicka.


Female • Native • 4 Years • Pansexual • Loner • Fox

Rajani has always known a somewhat cushioned life. Her grandmother was a strong warlord and well known in the coven she was born in to, making her feel almost entitled to being bowed down to. She can be pretty selfish when it comes to taking things, worrying only about how things would benefit her more than how they might affect others. She is almost disconnected when it comes to feeling empathy for those around her so she will be a difficult one to befriend and even harder to romance. She is currently in the process of recruiting for her Blood cult that will be forming very very soon! If anyone is interested, please look here.


• Someone to meet and butt heads with
• Recruits for blood cult forming soon


Male • Native • 2 Years • Bi-sexual • The Order • Mundane

A young mundane boy, he was held captive by a magicka user who played the role as his 'mommy'. Really he was just a plaything to her, something she kept for amusement because he had no power to fight back as a mundane. She refused to let him out to see the world, filling his mind with stories of cruelty and monsters. She would take her anger out on him when she felt like or whenever he would talk back to her but insisted it was just because she loved him. Because of this, he is very terrified of strangers, especially magicka. His wings have been dealt a lot of abuse, having many of the feathers painfully ripped out and torn but they are slowly healing.


• A mentor or older sibling type he can look up to and get attached to.
• Someone to maybe teach him to fly when his wings recover just a little more.
• Maybe someone to help him discover more of his divination powers. He only has his passive right now.


Male • Outsider • 8 Years • Heterosexual • Loner • Owl

Where Rohan is from, it is common for most adults to venture out in the world and travel to gather knowledge and other such things to bring back to their tribes. For some, they may be gone as little as six months while others may never return at all. For Rohan, his journey in to the world has led him to Nidria. Because he is from a different continent entirely, he does not really understand the language that is spoken here so there is definitely a language barrier to overcome. However, despite his large size and warrior nature, he would never attack unless provoked. He is a big teddy bear and becomes fiercely protective over those who cannot protect themselves.


• Someone to teach him the language of the land!
• Friends and maybe some enemies. I would love to have him spar some folks.

Roselle Demos

Female • Native • 2 Years  • Bi-sexual • Loner • Bear

Roselle is a cinnamon roll who is extremely oblivious of the world. Her mother had a disorder that unfortunately prevented her from remembering anything long term. Some of that, as well as other family health issues, have made its way to pass on to her. She is a very literal girl, seeming unable to grasp when someone is being sarcastic or speaking metaphorically. She also fails to grasp the concept of personal space or sensing when things might be dangerous. She is very sweet and loving though and would not hesitate to stop and help anyone she comes across, no matter the circumstances.


• Magic training
• Herb training
• A boy to crush on her maybe since she's getting older
• Someone to bully her or something? idk


Female • Native • 6 Years  • Bi-sexual • The Order (pending) • Mundane

Born in the midst of the war, Scathach was raised within the Order. She learned their ways and was trained to fight in a way that would help liberate them from the magicka. When she was old enough, she was permitted to leave and fight on the war front. However, an attack led to most of her squad killed. This led to her becoming a wandering mercenary of sorts, killing any magicka that dared to cross paths with her in the name of the Order. Now that the organization has once again reformed, she is making her way back to Founders Grove.


• Any affinity for her to punch.
• Maybe someone to train? She is a meanie face but she has a soft spot for mundane even if she won't show it.
• Threads with any other mundane/anyone in the Order


Male • Native • 8 Years • Bisexual • Turtle Island • Stag

Silver lived on turtle island with the rest of his tribe. But with recent events, their great father Atlahua made them unable to stay on their island. Forced to the mainland, Silver is angry and confused with these foreign wolves who are surely to blame. He is basically like a priest of the island, praising and worshiping both the moon and ocean in turn as it is the moon that controls the tides and waves. It was his mother who was of the turtle affinity. She traveled to the mainland where she met her husband, Silver's father who belonged to the stag, and brought him back to live there. Despite this, Silver is 100% a true island native and finds resentment towards the mainland.


• Mainlanders to butt heads with.
• Threads with other islanders!
• If anyone wanted to create a sibling or even his parents to play, I would certainly be down.


Male • Native • 4 Years • Heterosexual • Loner • Turtle

Raised to be a fighter, Theodore is a warrior raised to fight against the mundane who would come to kill them and their young without hesitation. His father was a strong warrior, leader of their tribe, and Theodore looked up to him. It was towards the end of the war that he and several of their warriors had left to ambush a camp of mundane. However, they never returned. Their bodies were later found, desecrated and torn apart. Angry, Theodore was encouraged to stay and finish his training. However, within a few months he left to be on his own.


• Friends & enemies
• Definitely down for a love interest, even if its one sided.
• If anyone has any puppies they wanna bring in I would really love for him to adopt and raise them. He's big and scary at times but he is a big teddy bear.
• Some mundane to beat on.

Feel free to reply here with ideas or @ me on discord/dm me there! I am very open to ANYTHING, even if it is not listed. The only thing I am against is death obviously but my characters can always take a beating if that is desired. :>



25 y/o xsmall Female
I am so down to thread and plot with any of these guys. As far as ideas you had already thought up Fintan could definitely teach Roselle about herbs. He is a PlantDad XD



y/o xsmall Female
I need all the Kii plots plz :3 I know I poked your blood coven thread already, if I can help brainstorm or do anything let me know!
I also think I am going to bring in Hyperion as a mundane possibly and have him join the Order. Maybe I can throw him at Scathach and Rat?

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