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27 y/o large Female
Winnie - Winter - Water Affinity - Age 3 - Native Female

Looks for love in all the wrong places.
Temptation is such a cruel mistress.
Ignorance is not an excuse.

I'm looking for a beautiful ending to a wonderfully tragic beginning.Winnie was hatched in the middle of the ocean not knowing where she came from. When she finally got a hint of where she might have originated she lost her voice during an attack by a mundane wolf. She was oblivious to the hard feelings between the mundanes and the elements from living under the ocean for the first 2 years of her life. 

Looking for:
Love, true love not the stuff you see in movies or read about in books. She wants all the string and all the pain that comes with hard love. I could easily see her falling hard for someone really quickly but getting her heart broken. That's a possibility. 
Family, She wants more then anything to know where she belongs. She has no idea about her past or who she is. She was raised by the ocean and the creatures with in it. She is desperately trying to put something in the void of emptiness that a family would usually fulfill. 
Powers, She isn't really looking for more powers but i would like to make threads where she practices her bubble magic and maybe come across a new skill. If you would like to hang out with her for funs and make new spell ideas go for it. 
Friends, Winnie has maybe two friends right now. I would love to see her gain more friends and help her out of the depression she is about to go through. 

Haidar - Samera's Brother - Air Affinity - Age 4 - Outsider Male

If there is something of beauty I must have it.
There is always treasure to be found, You just have to take on the adventure.
You can be bold, or you can life your life chained to a stone.

Haidar just entered the land of Nidria. He came on a quest to give his sister some news about their family. Though he has found himself at a loss of what to do next. 

Looking for:
Buddies, He is totally one who could make friends with just about anybody. I would love for him to find and knitt together a close group of adventurers to do quests and find treasure together
Love, Haidar is in no means ready to commit to any kind of relationship. I mean flings are a thing and if you are a wolf of extreme beauty he likes to claim beautiful things but it wont last long and he wont let anyone claim ownership over him. 
Fights, They happen. Im not against fights here but he wont start them without cause. Hes a good guy.
Spars, He is totally up to spar. Haidar just got all these cool new abilities and hes so tempted to try them out in random and cool ways. He is so stoked to be able to manipulate the air around him. 

Fallyn - The Order's Lacky - Mundane - Age 4 - Native Male

Why dont you look in the mirror sweet cheeks.
Don't be a fool and I wont treat you like one.
It only goes in one ear and out the other when you say it like that. 

Fallyn has been apart of the order since he was little. He grew up in a small family but was tragically seperated from them when he was young. He found a brother, Odin, in the order when they adopted him as their own. Ever since he's been trained in tracking, fighting, and hunting of all species. Hes not a nice dude and hes broken so when he talks sometimes it doesn't make sense. 

Looking for:
Fights, He wants to fight and get out the anger in his soul. 
Spar, Hes a training jocky. He wants to be strong enough to deal with any one who comes his way. He'll say yes to just about any fight even if hes dog tired.
Relationship, Right now hes got two beautiful lady lookers hes after but he really couldn't care less about flings. He would even be more inclined if he was provoked. He hates Magicka though so watch out. 
Enemies, Hes got a few chips on his shoulder and probably has a bunch of enemies. If you want to be a target for his rage please apply below. He loves drama xD

Adaeus - The Ice King - Water Affinity - Age 14 - Native Male

When the fight is over and all your enemies are slain, Who is the real victor?
Why do we choose to live our lives with hatred and fear instead of love and loyalty?
If love is a lie, then why do we need it. We swear were alive but we're falling to pieces. Fight like lions, howl at the moon, should be flying but we buried the truth, but I know inside were beautiful creatures. 

Adaeus is the leader of an old coven that succumbed the war long before it ended. He was in the war and never found out until the war was over and he returned home. He found his entire coven slaughtered along with his wife. He never found the bodies of his two children but assumed them dead as well. He became a hermit for years after that and has just now come out of his shell. He heard the call of his god and is ready to pick up arms, but this time to save not to fight. 

Looking for:
Coven members, He is planning on building a force against the darkness of the world. Whether ti be magicka or mundane. I will be building this coven through member building and thread based meetings. Traditions and other stuff will all be assigned by roleplay. Like.. They have a battle at the redgates that destroys the Mundane army. Then they create a festival around that event for them to remember the ones they lost and the ones they gained. 
Friends, He wants many friends on the inside but has grown into a hardened shell of a wolf. He is completely void of all mercy left in his heart and will protect anyone that asks him to.
Damsels in distress, He wants to save people. He wants to help them either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
Teacher, He wants to teach the world about the gods. He wants to tell them what it was like back when he could still talk with Atlahua.
Enemies, I want him to make some enemies. Hes bound to step up onto the border of Founder's grove sometime but until then he should come in contact with other wolves that will hate him. 

Winn-Dixie - Crazy Bomber Pup - Mundane - Age 1 - Native Female

Lets all behave and be safe.. Said no one ever.
Come on! When does the fun start? I wanna blow things up.
Who do you think you are calling cute ya pig headed oinker. I will blow up your world faster then you can say glitter sparkles. 

Dixie is a cute little thing that has a terrible attitude on life. She walks around like she owns everything and tries her best to create new explosions everyday. She doesn't care what she destroys nor will she apologize for it. 

Looking for:
Fights, Shes a total fighter. Its her personality and shes just that headstrong and hot headed
Friends, She needs some buddies who are as crazy and lively as she is. Plus if she stays on her own shes bound to cause trouble and get her butt kicked.
Student, she needs to find a teacher. Someone who will teacher her about the world and show her all the cool things about plants and life. She wants to know everything and is a good listener until you know.. It gets boring then she off and running. 
Open, She is truly open to any plots right now. She young and naive which can be some great plots the only thing is she hates to be chained to something. Like being swore into a coven would make her bristle. Plus she already agreed to be apart of the blood coven. :3

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