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1 y/o large Female
And just like that, I knew I was home.

Oh she was a toy to this storm, it surged under her legs and dragged the strength from her, a sudden wave that she could do nothing but quiver as it poured its anger into her. The water was starving, trying to suck the life out of them as if they had an infinite amount to give and she dared not mutter a negative in response. The young wolf could feel the water like clamps around her paws, dragging her towards the cliff's edge so that she might go toppling over: there would be nothing to save her then. Then, as if he was her own god reaching an antler down to save her, there was suddenly a pillar of strength. She knew not who he was, though in all honesty she knew nothing at that moment other than survive and help.  Her body instantly curled around him, warmer than a rock though he felt like one - a rock covered in moss so to say - claws raking against his legs in order to cling to him. Her breath coming in ragged gasps, eyes glued shut as if that might save her from the merciless battering of the storm. 

The rain felt as if it might pierce her skin, each drop the needle like point of a scorpion's tail, barbed wire wrapping around her body and tearing into her flesh. The wind that surrounded her took on a new being, switching sides as suddenly as one might change their mind, it pushed about her now, it was trying to stop the waves from drowning her and claiming her as their own. She could open her eyes only wide enough to glimpse that the one helping her was that goddess like woman who stole Rio's adoration some time ago.  

She would have little time to breathe more than ragged, drowned breaths let alone think about the others. The earth was torn away from her feet, a ragdoll in the air as her sides battled the rocks below, her body feeling as if it might snap in half, her soul was caught on a hook and the storm tore it from her along with her breath. The young wolf could see nothing but grey. A darkness was overcoming her, a darkness that was the opposite to her very being. Yet, she could do naught but give in to it, let her body relax as it threw her around like some stuffed toy. In her desperation to not allow the storm to suffocate her into darkness, the girl imagined herself looking through the storm, over the cliffs and out into the middle of the ocean. Her eyes were shut against the storm, though she imagined it as she had seen it but moments ago, with a large wolf's head made out of light that floated through the storm and over the cliff's, the eyes of the wolf's head she imagined as two bright lights, as if she could see out of them herself she went searching for the water god - though of course she could not. The wisp like structure that was the rest of the wolf's head, save for the bright white eyes - which were fed by the light she had previously sent out to the others, drawing it in now to add to the eyes - she imagined acting like smoke and leaking into the storm as if she might feed it. The cries of the water god as loud as the raging storm in her head. Her whole body was bruised, and bruising more, her lungs nothing but pain, perhaps the only thing that was keeping her from blacking out was that image of the light wolf in the storm, searching for the god through the dark. 

Rionach is attempting to send a light illusion of a wolf head out into the storm with the eyes being two bright orbs of light, she is trying to concentrate light at a specific part in the storm to see through it so that they can glimpse Atlahua, the light that reached out to the others has drawn back in to add to the light of the eyes so that they might be brighter.
Rionach speaks Norwegian as well as the common tongue, hover over the text to see translation.


4 y/o medium Male

The ocean called for him.

Pale ears shifted against the harsh roar of the weather, aware of the others that had joined him upon the edge of the shore. Yet absentmindedly his concentration had slipped, cold wind intermingled with the bite of ocean water, lashing out against the edges of his angular cheekbones in stinging atonement. The atmosphere shifted, pulling as the slickness of the stones beneath his clenching toes slipped; the earth turned and tumbled as his limbs were ripped out beneath him, the air tossing him to and fro against the rocky shore. Stubbornly he refused to wince, biting his tongue until it felt numb - although the blood that filled his senses was from much more than his own self infliction.

He was beckoned to the dark, cold depths of the ocean as the water drenched his haircoat, dragging him beneath the darkest depths. Was this finally retribution for his past crimes? Lissom swimmer limbs extended in the fathomage trying to right himself as oxygen left his lungs, snuffed by the turbulent waters. It could give life, and take life. It was a lesson he knew all too well, and momentarily he allowed the riptide to take him, the grand depths heaving him upon the stoney earth. Toes clenched upon the solid surface as he sputtered liquid, pulling himself farther onto land. As he took a moment to fill his lungs with air his gaze swept across the black skies, lit up by the illusionary magic of the dainty female that had arrived at the summons of the god. Muscles trembled through bruised and battered vagabond as stalwart limbs ushered him to attention; lily-white ears shifted forward upon his brow, steady breathing bringing with it a funnel of water that emerged from the waves, growing in size and intensity with the storm. 

Blood pounded in his ears, deafening him to the dangers that surrounded him, he focused the funnel's direction, sweeping it across the expanse of the angered ocean and through the light that pointed to the god - sending his magic into the heart of the storm. "There!" Hoarsely, gruff baritone cried out over the squall, "Into the light! The heart!" his limbs quaked beneath him as his stance widened, tail steadying his battered frame. He couldn’t give up. Teeth clenched, blood and salt water filling his mouth. 

Absorption + Water Manipulation:; Used water manipulation in conjunction with his passive ability of absorption to pull water from the storm and ocean to create a funnel or “whip” of water that he swept across the expanse of ocean to break down the waves and then aimed towards the light source Rionanch provided. 

Damage Sustained:; Multiple contusions and abrasions. Laceration to the right shoulder from rocks. Muscle strains and aches. 
Beginning to become exhausted from magic use - in danger of collapsing. 


@Arcana  @Rionach


y/o xsmall Male

Save Atlahua !

HP gained: 70
HP needed: 30

The wind blasts the group catching some of them off guard. The strength of it taking @Adaeus down and tossing him into the sea. The waves swallowed him taking 10 hp from him and Rio before it rushed over the shore line and stole 10 more from @Merlin The wave taking Merlin down into its depths with its recoil taking him out of the fight! The tide shook the wolves caught in its grasp and roared at the ones still left on shore. Its waves so tall now that they looked like a gaping maw, ready to swallow its prey. @Fintan @Rionach and @Auron were able to escape the storm's clutches this round.

Altahua has created a hurricane with his struggle! Your wolves cannot ignore this and the only way to stop it is by donating together 100hp! Each post your character is actively pouring their magick (using their spells) into the storm is worth +10 toward Atlahua's health pool and -10 from your characters! Survive the storm AND aid the god! Altahua may cry in your wolf's head for help, guide them on what to do. 

Each round will consist of HP gained toward Atlahua and potential damage rolls from the storm. Time is not on your side, lingering about will only result in your character taking needless damage. 

This thread is open to all! Fourth round ends in one week! That's May 27th!



14 y/o xlarge Male


Adaeus Malchor

Adaeus felt the wind pick up in an instant his body trying to keep the delicate balance of shooting out the line of ice while keep himself air born. Unfortunately one strong gust plowed into his right side and spent him into a spiral. He felt the instant pain in his shoulder where the muscles were pulled but nothing seemed broken. The reality of his situation hit him as the water's surface came closer and closer to him. Easily his body relaxed to save any part of him from being torn off by impact, his wings tucking around his body and his tail lengthening out to steer his careening body.

The impact of the water would have been nice if it wasn't almost frozen from his ability. The surface becoming solid ice before he burst through it. His shoulder again taking the full force of the fall. Its protective cover of ice shattering and bruising his body. He didn't know if it was broken or not but the pain was strong. The water was almost black and murky with all the chaos living inside of it. Fear took control of his heart and everything around him was getting colder. The water was slushing around and if he wasn't careful he knew he could easily freeze himself..And that other.. His eyes tried to scan the water but he saw nothing. Then he did spot something. It was farther out then he expected her to be but there was little slips of light her could just barely make out.

She was there. Adaeus was frozen in place not from his powers but because he didn't know what to do. He wanted to help his god, he loved him so but would he want to take the life of his children? Of any of their children? The answer struck him in the face and it was a solid no. A whine rumbled in his chest where only bubbles seemed to exit him. He tried one last time to reach out with his inner voice to his deity, "Im sorry.. But I wont let you take her." He voiced inwardly. His eyes glinted with the anger he was holding under the surface and in a moment he was bursting forward, setting his paws on the ocean floor only to send himself shooting forward with an ice spike. 

He aimed himself into the direction of the girl and easily made it to her. The storm roared at him and he noticed the large wave forming in front of him. An idea formed in his head, He aimed to grasp a hold of the dark pelted female and then pull her too him. His wings opening up to take her into his protection and then shooting them to the top of the tidal wave heading to shore. If she didn't come with him, he'd aim to protect her from the wave with his body. 


Table @ Centience

*Adaeus fell into the ocean and was pushed to the bottom. His shoulder is strained and the skin is torn from the impact of the fall.
*Adaeus offers Atlahua a whisper of courage through trying to make contact with him again and warning him that he will be saving the girl and not letting him take her life. 
*Adaeus is grasping for Rio's scruff or anything he can grasp to pull her into him. If she does he will push them to the surface and ride the wave to the shore.

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