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Yes, that would be great! I don't think anyone grabbed that design so definitely feel free <3




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I’d be interested to have Lantanna get involved with this Coven. He’s a bit of a coward and is currently only looking for survival. He’s suspicious of others, but a bit of manipulation will bring him on board with the Blood Coven. He won’t offer much in terms of strength as most of his spells are defensive, but Lantanna is willing to offer his body and his blood in exchange for protection.

If accepted by the Blood Coven, I’d like him to eventually want to break away as his character grows. This could lead to some interesting plots further down the line as Lantanna tries to sneak away and start his own Coven while being hunted by the Blood Coven.



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I would probably toss Thia into this! Big Grin Also maybe Rowan could be captured for awhile/used as a blood slave!



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Heart of Nidria Coven

This coven has ancient beliefs rooted in the mysterious bat-god, Camazotz.
They believe that blood sacrifices strengthen their god,
and in return he will treat them favorably when the Last Day is upon them.


  • Sorcerer/Sorceress (1): Coven leader who chooses ranks and may supersede any orders from lower ranked wolves. Their word is final.
  • Witches/Warlocks (4): Mates chosen by the leader.
  • Cultivators (1): for brainwashing/ rituals/ leads the religious portions.
  • Rams (3): Trainees to the Cultivator who can perform lesser rituals in the Cultivator's absence.
  • Shepherds (6): Wolves posted in the black forest to keep the sheep, ram, and alter safe.
  • Scarecrow (4): Members in charge of punishing and keeping the laws of the coven sacred.
  • Harvesters (+++): Must successfully recruit a new member to achieve this promotion.
  • Mobbers (+++): Regulars
  • Lambs (+++): Honorable, willing sacrifices. It is the greatest testament of faith to lay out one’s life for Camazotz. Lambs are given special treatment- like the best pieces of meat, first to drink water, given the most comfortable dens, and essentially do not have to hunt or perform the regular lowy duties of the Sheep.
  • Sheep (+++): Servants, unwilling sacrifices. Tied to Leaders, Cultivators, and honorable sacrifices.

    * Mundanes can obtain Ram, Harvester, Mobber, Lamb, and Sheep ranks.


God: Camazotz
(Ancient Bat God of Chaos, Night, and Blood)

  • He needs blood to fuel his strength so that he may grant favor to his Chosen*. Any affinity may choose to follow him, but he favors those who offer themselves willingly. It is said that his likeness may return to the Chosen as a pup, a bringer of honorable death who will cleanse the world of suffering and give his believers a utopia in his otherworldly domain through death.
Camazotz Child
  • Born with dark velvet fur, leathery wings, large ears, and the mark of Camazotz. This pup is born to a devoted couple who is prophesied to be a bringer of death and will cleanse the world of non-believers.
Last Day
  • The final turn of the world, which will happen after the Camazotz child has slain all non-believers. When the world stops turning and becomes enveloped in eternal darkness, the Camazotz child will sacrifice the Chosen so that they may live in the Otherworld.
  • A utopia after death where one is ever-young, free of illness and deformity, and no longer requires earthly needs such as food or water.


  1. Pups are extremely important. No pups shall ever be harmed or sacrificed.
  2. Same sex couples are allowed, but at least once a year they must breed with a member of the opposite sex in an attempt to nurture Camazotz’s child.
  3. Lambs and Sheep will never leave the territory without supervision of a higher ranked wolf.


__ Ritual

  • Fasting and blood draining of prey. Belief is that the fasting cleanses the body, depriving it of earthly pleasures while teaching humility, patience, and determination to resist the cravings. Usually done on one's own volition, so it can be performed by any member any time of year.
  • Drawing the symbol of Camazotz on the forehead of an individual with blood is a sign of blessing, whether in marriage, childbirth, or war preparation.
    _^-^_ ← Symbol?
  • Insert information here.
  • Used during punishment or trials of wrongdoing, one will be held down over the altar and sliced across the neck little by little until all their sin is spilled out either by mouth or by wound.
  • Insert information here.
  • When pups are born they are to be bathed in the blood of a willing lamb. This provides them with strength, cunning, and the devotion of the lamb who was slain. This is done to forge a connection between the pup and Camazotz.  

    *If the parents do not choose to baptize their children, the children will not surpass the rank of sheep.
  • Once a year the pack adds a small portion of their own blood to a large bowl. Then the youngest to the oldest take turns ingesting the communion blood. It is believed that the mixing of young blood provides vitality, prime blood provides strength and fertility, and elderly blood provides wisdom. This also symbolizes unity and creates stronger bonds amongst members.
Sacrament of Fire
  • The sacrifice of a fire affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with fire and be burned upon the altar. This shall be done during the summer season.
Sacrament of Water
  • The sacrifice of a Water affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with Water and be drowned upon the alter. This shall be done during the winter season.
Sacrament of Earth
  • The sacrifice of an Earth affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with earth and be stoned upon the alter. This shall be done during the fall season.
Sacrament of Wind
  • The sacrifice of a Wind affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with Wind and be suffocated upon the alter. This shall be done during the fall season.
Sacrament of Dark
  • The sacrifice of a Dark affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with Dark and during the night be bled upon the alter.  This shall be done during the winter season.
Sacrament of Light
  • The sacrifice of a Light affinity. One will be chosen from the mist of their kin with Light and during the day be bled upon the alter. This shall be done during the summer season.
Mundane/spring/ new blood for new spring
  • Insert information here.
The Bonded
  • When a new member is brought to the pack they are made to drink the blood of every other member in the coven to join their fellowship bond. This will connect them to the cause and their god. The Cultivator will perform this ceremony, as needed.

Common Sayings

  • “Tend your flock” = “Mind your own business”
  • “Blood Spilt!” = an expression of shock, used like shit or damn
  • “Blood Overfloweth” = an expression of good luck or farewell.
  • “Camazotz’s Favor” = Good fortune “By Camazotz’s Favor little Ellie’s fever went away and she was good as new.”


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