[AW]  Soaring to High Heights


1 y/o medium Female

The young princess floated among the cliffs on her black wings like the air was her kingdom. A small smile could be seen on her black lips as she examined the Obsidian Cliffs, seeing that she could camouflage herself quite well among its mundane colors. A brief flap of her wings allowed her to ride the winds further as she looked for that perfect place to land. It had been some time since Sky had been to the cliffs, but today she was feeling a little daring. Would she test her flight ability? Or her fire spells? Or both? This place would be perfect also to mess with her lightning skills too, if only they didn't cause her to go into a seizure. She always felt a little funny after doing too much, so her lightning spells were used sparingly.

This morning, Sky was eating one of the rabbits she caught. While she could not be as hidden as a hawk would, she was able to at least singe the rabbit first to eliminate movement before she could take it away. Skyfire was plucking away at the burnt hair and tossing it aside as she laid on one of the cliff edges. The sun was shining today and it warmed her darker colored fur. This place made her think of her old kingdom, and how it was stolen from her. Her family ruled the kingdom with honor and respect, but since a territory skirmish disrupted happiness, and Skyfire was taken hostage until she escaped her captors, life hadn't been the same. Skyfire, being out on her own, wanted to be recognized and her name known by everyone. Just like her parents. She wasn't sure just exactly how to do that yet. Since her crown was stolen from her head, she was going to take it back. One way or another.


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