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21 y/o xsmall Female

Zodiac's Characters

Shirin Inara Dessara
5yr Old Native Female
No Rank / Loner
Turtle Affinity
Shirin is my pretty chimera girl! She's got two familiars - twin ocelots named Daria and Darius! She is a Turtle Island Native, and has only just arrived on the mainland She's 5 years old, and is of the Turtle Affinity. Her magick is mainly focused around ice as well.

Currently Looking For...:

Friends: Shirin would definitely be interested in making some friends! She's a healer type, but will protect herself if she's threatened. If you have some wolves who might need some friends, especially Mainland Natives or Turtle Island Natives. Anyone who is nice would make a good friend for her~

Lovers: Coming Soon...

Enemies: Coming Soon...


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No Rank / Loner
New Character Coming Soon...


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