[P]  Alive again, another day


5 y/o small Male
Hungry. His stomach rumbled, and the wolf growled at it to silence it. This didn’t work, of course, and the sound only came back louder than before as if in spite. With a huff, and his body low to the ground, Amant continued tracking the scent he had come upon. It was deer. Perhaps amusing to anyone who knew this and had seen his fawn-dappled form, but the mocha male was still a wolf. Stub tail wiggled anxiously as he stalked closer and closer, until... there it was. A buck, just having reached adulthood. It likely wouldn’t know how to properly look out for predators who knew how to stay hidden. Perfect.

Amant stuck to the underbrush as long as he could before bursting forth, running at top speed as soon as his legs allowed. Naturally, this startled the young deer, and it took off. The chase had begun. Unfortunately for the animal, this wolf had spent his whole life honing his speed and agility, especially given that he was a mundane and therefore not blessed with magick such as the air element to make him swift of foot without physical effort. Closing in now, Amant’s heart beat quickly in his chest with the excitement of impending success. And then...

A bright flash of light. Amant shut his eyes tight, cartwheeling forward in a rather graceless fashion. The deer bolted, then froze when the light returned and stayed. Getting slowly to his feet, Amant squinted against the brightness. What the hell? He snarled, shaking himself off, and lunged for his quarry. The mocha male landed squarely on its back, and it snapped out of its daze. By then, however, it was too late, and the wolf’s fangs were already sinking into its throat. He held on tightly as the deer tried to send him flying, waiting for it to succumb to lack of air due to a pierced windpipe. Not needing to see at this point, he shut his eyes against the light again.


1 y/o medium Female
Finnegan, Male Fennec fox
“Focus Täni. You must focus.“ finnegan's voice rang in her ears as she stood in the open. Täni flopped herself to the ground and placed her paws over her face. It was hard. She didnt want to focus, all she wanted to do was run and play and enjoy the snow. After all it was her first time in the snow, or at least what she could remember. But Finnegan had told her it would be a good place to practice her abilites so she could control them better instead of blinding others without meaning to. The small fennec fox walked over to his familiar and shoved his nose underneath her paws. His pink tongue ran over her nose the best he could do as he pushed her paws off her face. “Come now, lets try one last time.“ he spoke softly as he smiled at her. He knew just how badly she wanted to run and play. Which was something that even he wanted to do but he at least wanted her to try one last time to gather it once by focusing

Täni whined as she felt Finn lick her nose and push her paws off her face. Long dark blue ears were pinned back as she took a deep breath and pushed herself up to her feet. Maybe if she did it one last time he would let her play. Or at least explore a little bit more of the snowy area. The female closed her blue eys as she took in a deep breath and slowly let it out as she shifted herself just slightly, her long tail hung behind her and laid next to her as she stood very still with eyes shut. As she stood there a small ball of light began to form above her, it blinked slightly as she opened one eye slightly when she heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground. It wasnt a herd, no it sounded more like just one had gotten startled. But what had startled the deer? The ball of light quickly disappeared into the air as she began to search the area. Täni began to sniff the air, attempting to locate what had spooked the deer.

It didnt take her to long to pick up the scent of another tho it wasnt just any other wolf. The scent was that of a mundane, but she had never met one, only heard stories of them. The female didnt have any ill towards mundane, they had done nothing to her at least from what she knew. Cream fur bristled on the body of the fox that was now standing between Täni's paws, eyes scanning the area infront of them. “Finn what do i do if the wolf is aggressive?“ no words where exanged as she looked down at the fox. soon the scent of blood hit her nose as she looked around. So whoever that was, had spooked the deer and was hunting. She took a deep breath and dug her claws into the ground as she still stayed where she was, at least this way she could see where the wolf came from.

“täni.“ “finnegan.“

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