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Save Atlahua !

HP gained: 0
HP needed: 100

A peculiar occurrence...

The backwater shakes, the glowing cyan  waters rippling angrily on an otherwise peaceful day. All birdsong stops. Spattered budding flowers flutter to the ground, their rustling as they gentle float to the ground only sound in the glowing swamp. The quiet is eerie. Another rumble, and suddenly the neon blue waters begin to spiral in a cyclone, the glow even more radiant than ever before. Rocks and debris, covered in the glowing droplets being flung around, are caught in the gusting winds, the water expanding and growing. 

Higher it climbs, all the swamp water being sucked from its canals and channels, churning tighter and tighter into a giant, circling ball of glowing water in the sky. Tiny planets of rock and earth and tree orbit around the massive aquatic sphere. 

Suddenly, the balls rotation stops, though the debris remains floating around, dangerously. The ball of glowing water sinks to the dried up ground below, hovering inches from its cracked ground. 

Your wolves cannot ignore this and the only way to stop it is by donating together 100hp! Each time your character is actively pours their magick (using their spells) into the orb is worth +10 toward Atlahua's health pool and -10 from your characters! This is the last ditch effort to save Atlahua, give it everything you've got! In this thread you may donate energy up to 2 times in one post!

Each round will consist of HP gained toward Atlahua!

This thread is open to all! First round ends in one week! That's May 27th


8 y/o xlarge Male

Something was very obviously wrong. Even if he did not know how these lands worked, he could sense trouble brewing around. The winds were restless, storms hitting the shorelines and sending stronger gusts inland. It made the foreign male more than a little uneasy as he flew, wary of any dangers that may lurk nearby. Was this just normal for this place? Something told him that wasn't the case but it would not be wise to jump to conclusions. Best to proceed carefully should something happen.

Flying, he would not have descended if not for the strange scene that caught his eye below. Was that... water? Frowning, a growl rumbled in his chest as he moved lower to circle around. Golden eyes narrowed a bit, spine tingling with suspicion at the sight of it. Unsure of what it was or what it was capable of, he sent a blast of wind toward it, prepared to move away should it prove to be something dangerous. When nothing happened, he relaxed ever so slightly. That was good he supposed... But it didn't explain what it was.

Returning to the ground, his gaze swept around the area, searching for anything out of the ordinary. All of the water that should have been here was now gone, suspending in that ball that held chaos in the debris it had picked up. Stepping closer now, his nostrils flared as he tried to search for something, anything that might be within it. Again, he gathered a gale of wind before him before sending it at the water, searching for any signs of disturbance. But other than entering the sphere and disturbing the water for a small moment, nothing else seemed to happen. Strange...




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Hubert, Male Blakiston's fishing owl


"Memories come and go under the rain"

Aquila has been alone for now several months, her mentor's sudden departure had made deep emotional wounds in her heart. She still couldn't stay happy with such change in her life. He had become her only friend and partner and now she was alone again. And since then she wondered if it was her fault, did she disappoint him enough to leave? Was she a failure upon his eyes? Or was he dead? She couldn't tell but whatever the reason she still felt sad and without many reasons to live. Yes she had Hubert by her side, but she needed a parental figure, someone to be with her and teach her what she didn't know. And like that she walked with eyes without light, she felt the world was falling over her.

But then something caught her attention. And as she looked up balls of weird things floated over the place. 'What's this?' She asked herself as her companion landed on her head. Calmly she stared at the situation unsure about what she could do about it. Then out of nowhere it started to rain, with high intensity. She didn't know why it did unaware that she the one doing it. 


Table by Centience.


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The water was certainly a sight to behold as Sashin walked along the banks, away from the eerily still water. What an odd color for water to be, but some part of him new that he shouldn't venture to touch or swim in the waters. The pink-tinged male paused as he felt a rumble under his paws and stared with wide eyes as the water's surface began to tremble and churn. Then, as if a great leviathan was bursting from its surface, the waters exploded, swirling up into the air. Sashin's ears pinned back as he watched the display. Any other wolf may have been frightened by the phenomena in front of them, but the outsider was... in awe. Barely aware that his fur was being showered by the glowing, churning water as it formulated a sphere in the skies. Then all at once the churning stopped as a rain began to descend upon the man's head. Wh-What was happening? 

As he stared at the hovering sphere he could feel the air humming around him. He could feel... something... Something pulling him. Something urging him to do something... What was it? He stepped closer as if hypnotized by the strange orb. He could feel something gathering, something building inside of him. What was that...? Sashin failed to notice the way his antlers began to glow with an intensity that seemed to build and at the same time his surroundings seemed to grow dimmer. As if.... as if his antlers were sucking in the surrounding light around him. Sashin could feel the energy building and building inside of him, centering in his chest. The man's fur rose and prickled at the sensation. The energy... it need to go... somewhere. Where? Then as if someone had told him to do it Sashin opened his maw. 

A beam of blinding light, brighter than anything Sashin had seen before shot out from his maw, spearing the orb for an instant before spontaneously disappearing.


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Zendelrin Ragnulf;
Static clutch the air around him in what felt like a suffocating panic. Discomfort filled his shadows as they whispered around their master’s limbs. Crimson ears would twitch backwards and forwards as the song of the night had silenced its symphony. Smoldering ember orbs did sweep across the baron landscape where the waters had once swallowed the land whole. Uncertainty filled him as he followed the now bare path and his gaze shifted towards another man.
A winged wolf stood looking into the mouth of a circling orb of water. His shadows hissed with their concerns and he silently hushed them. The waters was not his element of choice, however, he was not one to ignore potential cosmic encounters. Karma was a real bitch to thwart and he would rather heed the call then turn and disregard it.
Rain began to touch the softness of his auburn coat.  It was the offerings of another wolf, one touched by the element in crisis. It was good that one connected to the water god did hear the call as well. The wetness of her element was unfortunate but he couldn’t blame her for it. His gaze shifted towards another wolf that seemed stunned by the sphere that the first wolf was gifting his magic to.
He was uncertain if simple pleasantries were warranted in this moment. The crisis before them seemed to take precedence so he simply made his way towards the winged man. His ember colored eyes shifted towards him with a silent greeting as he turned his attention towards the rotating sphere.  He could feel it calling towards him. Beckoning him for comfort and assistance. He closed his eyes and whispered towards his shadows. They hissed with their disdain but began to swirl towards the gravitating sphere. He could feel the energy being pulled from him and with it a part of his essence. It was certain that what he offered could only be limited or he would surly be consumed entirely.
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"Zen speaking"

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