[AW]  Blood and Guts


3 y/o medium Female
© Ginga

Winnie Beltiz

“If you never try how could you know?”

A dream entertained her thoughts, this one filled with flowers and a loving smell. A smell she recognized as a hot male in pursuit of her. His grey and blue pelt vivid in her dream ut yet it was shattered in a second. The thought being replaced by jaws clamping around her throat again. Before she could whimper a soft goodbye to the world the image again was torn from her sights. Another image replaced it, a soft light and deep eyes staring at her with love and adoration. Ones that pleaded for help but knew she couldn't give. Ones that said I love you without even speaking. A tear curled down her face as she waited for the image to fade but it didn't. This gentle scaly face continued to stare at her and give her courage. Enough courage to face what was real and what was coming up next. 

As the dream finally faded away and the call of her own god echoed in her mind she woke. Her spine feeling like it was twisted in many places from riding on the back of her friend but more so her hip burned and wailed at her. With a zolt of pain to wake her up fully she flung her body off the moving wolf's back and crumpled tot he floor. A scream of pain and sadness caught in her throat. Tears began streaming down her face but she couldn't help it and opened her muzzle anyway. She tried to echo back the cries she heard in her head but all that came out were grotesque gurgles of her torn throat. A savage wound she wished she'd never come across. Everything was beginning to over whelm her, the screams in her head, the pain seeping into her hip and torso, and all the reality slipping back into her mind. Her stomach couldn't handle it and she sat straight up and heaved all her lunch onto the ground. Its mess causing more strain on her mangled mess of a throat. 

Slowly she tried to breathe and looked up at her friend. The one who had come to her aid and didn't know how to feel. Shame? hurt? Slowly she lowered her head back down and knew she'd not be able to tell her what was wrong or how to help her.. Hopefully she'd know how to do it on her own. 


Table by Centience.



4 y/o large Non-conforming Y
© Lunicea
Arios's breath was labored, his legs ached, his neck felt sore, and he could barely feel his paws moving beneath him, but he had to keep going. The feeling of Winnie squirming on his back was enough to make the being stop, his light faded in an attempt to preserve his energy. It wasn't until he heard the woman's garbled cry and her throwing herself from him that he collapsed onto the ground, shaking himself as he tried to get back upright. Shakily he managed to rise to a sit, looking down at Winnie with a pained expression as the girl met his eye for a moment before laying her head back in the dirt. 

"Please... just a little further, my den..." Arios looked out in the direction they were headed, and in the distance he could see the rock outcropping. "I can see it. Come on we have to get there." He urged, laying down next to the woman so she could climb back on, doing his best to try and help her by pulling on her scruff and offering the back of his neck for her to pull herself up with. Though he doubted they would be able to make it the rest of the way on there own, at least, without any help... Sigured, or Sylvain, pup or not, she was an earth affinity, maybe she could aid them that way. Arios tilted his head upwards slightly to release a short howl, using a bit of his remaining strength to send up a beacon of light to let them know where they were. 

"Please." He whispered, doing his best to help Winnie onto his back if she could manage to climb aboard. 

Art by redemptari @ DA. Table by Centience



6 y/o xlarge Male
© Remycune

The large male had stayed outside of the den of his niece and arios. Even tho they both had welcomed him in he declined and slept just outside the enterance. But he had gone off to grab a morning meal for the three of them, granted it would really only be Arios and Slyv eating. He didnt care, he just wanted to make sure that they where fed. Before he had left sig made sure that slyv was still sleeping in the den, but he had noticed that Arios wasnt there. Ears flicked around his head listening for anything out of the ordinary. It was when he heard the howl was when he snapped his head towards the howl. That was Arios, and they needed help. Before he left he went into the den and licked the top of Slyv's head softly. "I'll be back" he spoke softly as he bolted from the den

Massive feet crashed against the ground as he hurried towards Arios. If they needed help then he would be there as quick as he possibly could. As he got closer he noticed a smaller wolf with arios. One that was color with the hues of the water. Maybe this wolf needed help and arios was trying to help and wasnt able to carry them to the den. Sigurd soon reached arios and stood just infront of them. Arios was extremly tired and sigurd could tell that they could no longer go any further. "Arios, are you ok?" he asked as he looked over the body of the wolf. He wanted to make sure that arios wasnt hurt first before he worried about the other wolf. Once he had given arios a quick look over he turned his attention to the blue hued female.

Orange eyes scanned over them as well, he couldnt see anything wrong but then again he could be missing something. But it wasn’t till he has payed more attention to the blue wolf that he soon realized why Arios was bringing the wolf back to the den. The poor thing had been burned a good bit upon her hip. Who had done this to her? Why would someone do such a thing? The more he looked over the female the more he seen, orange orbs locked into her neck where it wasn’t the stunning blue color like the rest of her body instead it was tainted with crimson. What happened to her? As he knelt down he noticed that most of her neck was missing or at least a good chunk was. His entire body tensed up as he snarled some. It was sicking to him to see such a damaged wolf. Who ever did this he would see that they paid. Even tho he didn’t know this wolf he always protected those who couldn’t protect themselves. Taking a deep breath he attempted to calm himself as he tried to figure out how he would get both of the wolves with him back to the den

Sigurd turn his head back towards where the den was, there was no way that arios would make it back to the den with the wolf upon thier back. It would be easier for him to carry the blue wolf and then allow arios to rest while they made their way back. "I'll carry the small thing arios. You just get back to the den" his voice was soft as he knelt down and nudge the blue wolf. Tho he wondered if the tiny thing had the energy or strengh to climb upon his back. Maybe he would just have to scoop the wolf up with his horns and slid them back on his back and carry them that way.


Table by Centience. Art by xxslow-burnxx @ DA
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