[AW]  crash landing


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Not done!
How could this have happened? The cries of Atlahua rang in his ears still despite the fact he had haphazardly fled the area a while ago. His vision swam, his flight uneven to say the least. Breaths came in labored struggles as he pushed to get away. The winds were still strong here though not nearly as violent as they had been at the canyons. All he had wanted to do was help the father as best as he could. And now here he was, injured and on the verge of passing out.

Wincing, he did his best to concentrate. Make a list of what could be wrong. His right wing ached, deep in to the muscle tissues. A sprain? As far as he could tell there wasn't anything more than a few ribs broken but there was little that could be done about that. Huffing, he forced in as deep a breath as he could manage despite the pain. He needed to find somewhere safe to land so he could rest. Was Tsura still caught up in that mess back there? Silver had not wanted to leave despite his condition. He'd give his own life if it meant healing the god. But he knew dying then would solve nothing. All that effort would have been for nothing.

A wave of dizziness hit him then and he faltered in his flight, plummeting downward despite his best efforts. It was all he could do to brace himself as he crashed with the earth, uprooting several of the flowers that grew here. Where was he? It didn't matter. He was so tired. A ragged breath left him, all of his aches and pains only seeming to increase now that he was on the ground once again where he could relax. He did not need to struggle to keep himself afloat. Even his panic and instinct to get away in order to survive was ebbing away, submerging beneath a cloud of unconsciousness that left him vulnerable.

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