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7 y/o large Male
Eton, male butterfly
© Night
He began heading towards the willows. His mind afire, the ember-flecked wolf prowled the calmest place he could think of off the top of his head. Amber gaze rapidly swept the area as his tail-tip flicked, his gait more akin to that of a stalking tiger than any canine. Nostrils flared as he took in the scents of the place. No one here... yet. He gave a growling huff as he finally arrived in the heart of the grove. A shadowed place ‘neath a tree looked to be the perfect resting spot, and so without hesitation, he took it. The dark male flopped down at the base of the trunk and let out a long sigh. His head turned and ears swiveled as he made certain he was alone... then rested his horned head on his front paws.

Just as he was settling down to rest, his hearing caught the sounds of rustling in the foliage. A low growl started in his throat as he turned his head, teeth bared, towards the source of the sound. Fiery eyes glinted dangerously as they searched for the one who dared to disturb his solace. He did not need any words to convey his message: Get out.



0.7 y/o xsmall Male
Unknown, Unknown Object
© Kybalt

Here’s the thing about Ghost: everything about the male, his very being and a small area around him, was purely silent. However, that did not mean that everything in his vicinity shared this same truth. So, while Ghost quietly slunk back among the willows, the animals that spotted his ivory pelt still gave sounds of warning at his movements. Normally this would be fine, except the skittish movements of a rabbit not far from him had apparently displeased someone because currently there was a rather enraged snarling filling the air behind a thick cluster of greenery.

The small ivory pup was frozen, eyes wide in fear. What in the world should he do? He could run but what if that triggered the angry wolf to chase him? The last thing he wanted was to become the prey in a horrifying game of cat and mouse. So, perhaps, he instead just showed himself? He was obviously no threat: barely over a foot tall and still a pup. What danger could he pose to a wolf that sounded as terrifying as this? If it went to hell in a hand-basket then he would run and find a little burrow he could hide in until the danger had passed.

Mind made up; the little pup took a deep breath before timidly making his way out from the brush. His ears hugged his skull and his fluffy tail pressed tightly to his belly, looking up at the stranger with his best puppy eyes. “H-hello, I’m sorry I bothered you…” Here was to hoping that a pitiful appearance and apology would be enough to soothe the ire of the male.


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