[P]  All in Your Head


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Areiya's voice was quiet and small among the trees. The way they towered over her head felt nothing like the comforting presence of her surrogate father, but like a looming figure, that was waiting to swoop down to snatch her up. Her mind seemed to run with the imagery and the little girl found herself crouching close to the ground. Where was the meadow? She couldn't remember which way she'd come in or which was the way out. The darkening sky didn't help her determine her direction either. What if it got too dark for her to see? What if she never found her way back?

"Vorona!?" she called in vain once more, her voice growing louder. "Vorona, where are you?!" She whirled around, trying to see if she could pick out something, anything among the dark forest that looked familiar. What if he had abandoned her like the others? Maybe he'd left her because she ran off? Her ears twitched frantically as she began to hear noises that she wasn't sure she was imagining or if they were real. It just had to be a rabbit... or a deer right? What if it was another wolf? Areiya's fur prickled in fear as her crest feathers stood on end. Then as if she suddenly spotted something looming in the darkness she bolted, frantically running in one direction. Fearing that something was following her, that something was chasing her. Little did she know that it was all in her childish imagination, but it seemed very real to the young girl. 

Her breath came in quick bursts as she ran. In her panic one of the little girl's talons caught on the root of a tree, sending her careening down a sandy hill. She got scraped up by stray branches and rocks as she went. When she finally skidded to a stop her creamy white fur was covered in dirt, leaves, and a little bit of blood from the tumble. She laid there for a minute, tears welling in her eyes before they overflowed down her cheeks and she began to wail. Uncaring of who heard her.



6 y/o xlarge Male
Krasota, Female Australian Crow Hybrid
There had been no father in Vorona's life, not a good one anyway. He'd searched up and down his mind for hours on end every other night thinking about the ways he could possibly get revenge on that abusive sack of shit, and even though he'd come up with some he found to be suiting, they'd never come to light. Truth was, Vorona had not the slightest idea where his father was or if he was even still sucking all the good air from the trees. It was a pain he felt linger longer than he'd like to admit to himself, and one he wished on nobody. No, the male hadn't wanted a horrible father -- who the hell wanted a horrible father? He'd gotten one anyway. There had been mornings he recalled opening his eyes during his first days alone, only to find himself screaming in pain at a lashing that for some reason never came. Or an evening that was supposed to be full of contentment ruined by his inability to feed himself, or fuck, look at himself. 

Vorona was disgusted by every inch of his being, and rightfully so. He didn’t bath or groom, he went days without eating, sometimes he caught himself watching people pass him by like those very days in late April where he’d lost the only thing that made him… Not disgusting… Less, disgusting. 

Vorona had sat for days crying, only after the weeks searching, looking for his little sunshine. Oh, how she loved to listen to him sing that song, his dusty voice nothing more than a broken record, but she smiled and giggled at every crack in that Russian tone of his. When he was lucky, she would even join him, her tail wagging in time to the beat making his own scruffy one wiggle. ”You... “ He started lazily, body dragging through the forest as he retraced his steps for the hundredth time. ”Ty moye solnyshko..., moye yedinstvennoye solnyshko… You make me happy when skies are g--,” A flash of yellow caught his eye, and then a scent, and then a scream.

"Vorona, where are you?!" 

”AREIYA!” Vorona jolted, feathers flying from his pelt as he found himself moving quicker than he ever had in his entire life. He didn’t know if this was another episode, or if, just maybe she’d returned to him. Somehow she’d gone unnoticed from his sight, b-but how? It wasn’t possible, he knew it. This had happened to him before a few days prior and he wasn’t going to stand here and let it happen again! He was in control of his own life not h--,


”Daddy…?” The frame of Vorona came into view now, his head low, tail tucked, eyes full of tears as he let his gaze land on her. It was real. Areiya. ”... You call me your pa?” He still didn’t know if he could trust this, stepping forward slowly before attempting to reach out and touch her. For a moment he hesitated, and then all at once, he collapsed at her feet in sobs. ”My darling! My Sunshine!” He wrapped himself around her, whines pouring from his muzzle. She was alive.

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