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It seemed like the trek back down the mountain and through the valley lasted forever. They had talked about the order a bit during that time but a lot of the journey was in silence. It took them a day and a half of following the black water river before they caught sight of the forest where his home lie. Something in him told him to turn back and run from the place he knew wouldn't accept him. Not the way he was, not the way he would become but it was the only home he knew. He looked back at the black demon behind him. He knew something about her was off but watching her stand there for a moment was almost terrifying. Her locks of black waving around her like cowl of nightmares and her stare keeping all his senses on alert. This feeling was even after he'd spent two days with her. 

Slowly he licked his muzzle and nodded to her as if to say we're here. "This is where the order rests." He mumbled and turned his head back to the forest. He wouldn't dare step paw back into his home until his sins were dealt with. With one last grasp of courage he raised his muzzle into the air. His voice ringing out loud and clear across the forest. Its echo calling for acceptance and invitation to walk on their soil, on his soil. Anger again rose in his chest but he let it go, he let it boil off and stood there waiting for the white and pastel fur to show. He knew who would answer his call. She wouldn't let any low rank come and retrieve him.. She probably wouldn't even let Odin come at this point. Who knew how much she already knew about what he was ready to proclaim.. Another sigh left his muzzle and soon he was pacing. His steps respectful of the border but still fast and leaving a trail along the edge. 


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Scathach had not disagreed to return with him when he had suggested it. It saved her time to seek them out in order to do so though she hoped he was aware she would not allow him to lean on her for any sort of mercy from whatever he was returning to. She would return with him but she would not let him take too much credit for what she was already planning on doing in the end. She would not step in to try and protect him either. Whatever it was that had led to his hiding away in cowardice, she imagined would not come without some sort of punishment.

There was only a bit of idle chatter as they had traveled though Scathach was not the most talkative individual, nor was she particularly fond of small talk. She could feel the awkward tension when things would fall silent between them but would not dwell on it. She was not concerned with trying to impress this individual who had run to hide away from his own people. Whatever their relationship at the moment, it was fine the way it was for the time being.

There was an air of tension that seemed to always linger around him. Did she unnerve him? Not surprising considering she'd always done so around her peers even as a child. The spirits that lived with her shadows seemed to cackle in shrilling whispers that were silent to the rest of the world. They seemed to find it even more funny when he gave instruction on where they were, a fact she was well aware of. Did he forget when she said she'd been born here? She supposed it might have been in case they had lived elsewhere before this though, as far as she knew, the Founder's Grove had always been home to mundane.

Lips pursed, she would say nothing else as he gave out his call, summoning this Anaru to them. An ear flicked as orange eyes would follow the path of his anxious pacing. An eyebrow raised but she would not dare speak. As amusing as it was, she wondered if he realized that she was not only there to join, but also to stop him should he attempt to turn tail again. The moment she'd agreed to return to speak with Anaru about rejoining her home she'd pledged herself to the Order and what it would need. If that meant making an enemy of this man, so be it. But for the time being she would allow herself to sit, watching his movements and listening for the approach of the one he sought.




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"  their smiles of plated gold; "

She had remained content to rest in her den; too sore to really care about rising and gallivanting off this morning. She sighed, waking only slightly, enough to stretch one of her paws, allowing her toes to spread and her body to adjust. The motion ached, her bruised ribs a reminder of her discomfort each time she inhaled or shifted. And in her head, though Odin had nearly broken the small damsel she still hungered for more. To have the magicka's head upon the wall of her cave. Now that would be a good day, and she was confident one day she would have it, whether it be by her own means or by Odin's. Another sigh filtered through the womans slim muzzle, gold eyes gazing out the maw of her den at the filtering rays of morning sun. A few more moments of silence, until a call rung through the still air. 

It was familiar too, reluctantly Anaru slowly rose her head, pushing her upper body from the floor of her den, tufted audits flickering at the noise. Was that Fallyn? Honestly she didn't think she'd see the man again, he'd sauntered off after the meeting - while he claimed it was a test his embarrassment by the response he got told her otherwise. If it was in his plans then why did he flee the mess that he had caused? Why not face the music? She had little respect for a coward. Anaru stayed there a moment longer, contemplating until she finally pushed herself upon her feet. Muscles growing tight against the pain it took to get up, the woman staggered slightly a pained cough roughly escaping her lungs. Neatly tucking her wings against her hips she started out toward the edge of the grove, her journey there was less than graceful. She was limping and staggering quite awkwardly at times. 

But as she neared Fallyn, as she could see him in the distance - along with the frame of another she would straighten. Forcing her muscles to bear the weight on her right side where the damage was done. Like hell if she would allow him to see her as anything less than what she was the day she stood before her people at the meeting. Her facial expression became something stoic, unwilling to show him or his company any discomfort, even the slightest. It was unacceptable of a leader to do so. She was the face of the order after all. The woman watched as he paced nervously slowing near him, "Hello Fallyn," she mused, a huff roughly escaping blue nostrils as she bit back a cough. Golden hues shifted to the other woman, plagued in darkness; but a Mundane nontheless, she didn't recognize her though. "Welcome to you as well sister" once greetings were past them, Anaru got straight to the point "I assume you're ready to come home now?" she mused, slowly lowering herself upon her haunches. 

"Anaru speaking,"

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