[P]  After The Storm


4 y/o medium Male
© Morphine/Morphy

Mother's laughter.

The harsh battering of the cold ocean churned him within it's abysmal depths, pulling and tugging and twirling the vagabond. It was a murky darkness that gripped at his throat, snuffing the oxygen from his lungs. Was this it? Called home to the tides - repentance for his crimes. Barely conscious it amazed him that the predators of the deep had not tore the mortal flesh from his bones. Perhaps he had given up on many things in life, burdened by a weight of sin; yet beneath the stormy Whitecaps he swore he heard the quivering echo of his mother's laughter ingrained in the magics of the water… 

Limp form shifting within the sea, lissom limbs kicked out as to right himself, seeking to find his way in the unknown of the harsh, great blue expanse. Weakened by the God's storm and left without energy he was heaved upon the sandy shores by the violent waves. Obsidian lips parted in sharp inhale as virile breast rose to fill with air, the world rocking and swaying as it faded in and out of focus. "Return to the tides." he sputtered, salt water spilling from his jowls. Lifelessly he laid upon the earth, sinking into the warm granules of sand that coated the beach side.  


Damage Sustained:;
Actively fading in and out of consciousness- may suffer from illusions. 
  • Multiple contusions and abrasions with active mild bleeding. 
  • Laceration to the right shoulder from rocks with active moderate bleeding.
  • Muscle strains and aches.
  • Overall magic and physical exhaustion.
  • Nausea due to ingestion of salt water.
  • Possible inhalation of water; risk of aspiration pneumonia.

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3 y/o small Female
© Remycune

It had been a week or so since she had ran into the male named Merlin. She had thought about him and how kind he had been to her, even more so that he had asked her to join him for a hunt. But she never followed the male, instead she turned tail and ran off the other way. Fear had taken over her, instead of following him and facing her fears she fell into them and ended up running. Something she hated to do, she wanted to be strong. Every day she tried to force herself to be braver and to not back down but every time she went back to being scared. Why couldnt she over come the fear? Why couldnt she just overcome them and be the brave female she thoguht she could be? After walking for several days she had finally come back to the water. It was the only place that she felt safe, or at least safer then up in the woods. Kali's ears flicked as she walked down closer to the water, she would soon be able to enter the water and make herself cool.

Just as she got down to the water her nose picked up a scent. Turning her head she looked down each way trying to figure out where it came from. It was some what familiar to her, at least she had smelled it before. It was blood. But blood of a wolf. Taking in a deep breath she whined some as she fought with herself to not run the other way and disappear. Something told her that she needed to figure out who or what was bleeding. "Come on kali, You got this." she told her self out loud as she walked towards where the scent was comeing from. It wasnt to long before she seen a body on the shore just out of the water. Pink eyes narrowed slightly as she tried to figure out who was on the shore. It wasnt till she got within a few feet that she relized who it was. It was Merlin! He had been so kind to her when they met. Which ment she had to at least repay his kindness.

She quickly picked up her pace and sprinted to the male's side. Pink eyes scanned over the male's body as she whined some. He was beaten up pretty bad. Who had done this to him? Or better yet what had done this? Now she was sure that she could at least get the smaller cuts healed up but she was very unsure how well she could heal up the bigger ones. She hadnt done alot of healing to master it. Kali soon began to focus herself to where all she could think about was healing the wounds. She began to pull the water from the ocean and hovered it above his smaller ounds, slowly the water began to lower itself to the wounds. She would only hope that it would be enough to make him not bleed as much. "Please be ok" her voice was no louder then a whisper as she sat there


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