the madness and scars



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Hot blood splashed across his face, scorched away quickly by the heat of his flesh. He turned quickly, ready to face his attacker again only to watch the great beast lunge, ears flat, head snaked and teeth bared. He tried to side step, but the lash of long claws across his shoulder caught him off guard. He felt it rip through the protective scales of his back, clear to the muscle and snarled in response to the fresh warmth that bloomed there. Blood began to pool around his paws. He was not at his best, he knew that. But something about this felt so very wrong. No matter how he tried, he found himself unable to do anything more than stay defensive. He was no stranger to battle, war or death, but to look around him now, at the fallen, the wounded, those that cried out in agony for help or for death, for their mother’s long gone from them… It unsettled something deep within him… When he looked up again, another was lunging for him.. and he knew. "Wait!" he cried out, trying to move away, "Let me help, I have to help!"

He awoke suddenly beneath the pine tree, gasping mouthfuls of that cold mountain air into his lungs as his throat burned. The snow around him had melted away from him, and the dry winter grasses beneath had turned black beneath the heat of his body. He could feel the intense heat that radiated from his body, nearly igniting if not for this place he had chosen to hide himself away. The cold was bitter here, it stung at his flesh, ached in his bones. But things were too cold and damp here, unable to catch the fire that struggled to ignite in him. He felt the burn of it beneath his flesh, a traitor in his own body. A familiar rush of shame and guilt plagued his mind, as he struggled with control. It begged for release, to devour and consume the woods around them. Normally he could rein it back in, smother those horrible flames back into banked coals. But it was not enough today. It was threatening to consume him entirely, and he was half willing to let it take him.

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Anastasia Orelia

Norden was no match for those blessed under Maui, the fox of fire. Many affinities may find the frigid temperatures of the northern most atmosphere unpleasant, but not her. No many of them in fact sought solace from their abnormally high body temperatures within the cold. She was surprised however that she did not meet more turtle affinities here within their home of snow and ice, surrounded by their element. Did they not fair against the cold temperatures as well as she might think them to? Still much to learn of this land, even having been here for several months she felt there was a lot of questions that still tumbled through her mind. The woman sighed, pushing the thoughts aside, broad paws of sand crunching upon the snow of the pine forest that stretched over the base of the mountain. The hood of her cloak was brought up over the top of her head keeping the cold wings from her face as she moved without much purpose. Perhaps her only goal was to find out if she could discover any turtles here in the harsh landscape of the north. But it would be far from what she'd find. 

She would come upon the sleeping mass far larger than herself, large wings upon his backside and curving horns upon his head, he stirred seeming distraught in his slumber, his muscles twitched and locked up, though Anastasia kept her distance still. But she did not wish to leave him, concerned for his well being. Even after recognizing the man as a kin of Maui, she lingered upon the outskirts of his personal space even as he turned the ground around him into slush. Uncertain, this was a stranger to her, and instinct told her to keep her space, a sleeping wolf did not want to wake to a stranger gawking at them. But still, she was concerned with how much he stirred. When he jolted Anastasia did too, ears flickering back as her heart lurched in her chest for the male. The woman would take a breath, sighing she slowly pushed from the darkness of the trees, clearing her throat so she might alert him to her; as to not startle him. 

"It's alright..." she would murmur gently, "I'm sorry, I did not mean to just.." she started, unsure how to explain her presence. "...I was concerned" she finally mused after brief moments of silence. She paused, keeping a fair distance. 


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