[AW]  Free falling


3 y/o large Female
Vale, female fisher

The forest had become a lost relic to her over the last month or so, Branwyn was known for coming and going much like the wind, she would bounce from place to place. Staying for as long as she saw fit before she was off on her next adventure. Thatcher was no exception, it was — her home to some extent or another. The place she'd grown up alongside her brother...kind of being apart of the coven but never actually taking on the responsibility of obtaining a rank or doing the covens dirty work. She looked out for herself, herself and Warrick, and for the most part she didn't fret over her brother either. He could take care of himself. 

Tan dusted paws kissed the earth as she wove through the end of ravine path, the front half of her body came to rise from the ground like a rearing horse, except in mid air her front paws caught what almost appeared to be solid ground. The back half of her body following in a graceful leap into the sky as she danced upon the air currents, turning the sky into earth she would leap higher bounding over the tops of the pine trees. Bright golden eyes flitted down to the earth far below her feet, a fall from this height would certainly be her end; but fear? No that didn't strike her. Didn't even cross her mind as a flicker of a notion. She ran upon the sky without fear of the fall — fear was the only true enemy in this world. But most were too blind to see this. 

A smirk painted the womans cream maw, it was brilliant; daring. It sought to challenge fate. Without a second thought Branwyn allowed her concentration upon the air beneath her paws to cease — lids falling shut as she began to fall, quickly rolling her body so that her back faced the earth trying to recall how close she was to the tops of the trees as her body plummeted, not to be too distracted by the feeling of weightlessness that consumed her foremost thoughts. It consumed her though, the adrenaline swallowed her up like the hungry cats that prowled these woods. 

Golden hues snapped open, realizing she'd gotten distracted her muscles tightened using wind to help roll her body back around belly down too close to the trees now to put the breaks on soon enough. She closed her eyes tightly as branches collided with her face while she fought to slow her momentum. They scraped along her face and shoulders as she collided with them, snapping the bows against her flesh until she roughly collided with a thicker branch flailing to wrap her front paws around it and pull herself up so she was more stable. It had brought her to an abrupt halt and directly into a fit of coughs as the impact knocked the wind from her lungs — that was going to leave a mark. Claws gripped the limb tightly as to keep herself stable craning down to watch as her familiar darted over to the tree she sat up in, the fisher places a front paw on the trunk to try and get a better look. "I'm o-" cough. "ok..." 

Vale just shook her head. 


Table by Centience. Art by sealoon @ DA


8 y/o xlarge Male
Zandra, female spotted skunk
© Ginga

His day was filled with setting up stone toads around the territory. Their job to alert the pack to any dangers coming from the direction of outside the borders. Their little bodies hard to notice but their voices loud and obnoxious to the intruder and to the rest of his pack mates. He had gathered a bunch of smaller stones during his time here and was now making and placing them in high traveled areas. To any unbeliever is was an uncanny thing that they could understand the difference between the pack members and outsiders but it took him an hour just to make this tiny little thing. 

He was placing them for the giant cats that seemed to think this was their home. His anger at the thought causing him to trot a bit faster and whistle for his statue bear. Its stone body sitting hidden in between two trees a bit farther down than he really liked. Its massive hulking form standing and slowly marching down the trail after its master's call. Manny however had already reached the next toad location and was beginning to create the next one. Setting down his three stones and commanding them with his eyes to mold together. The bear coming up and sitting just under the tree in the shade, its gem eyes seeming to glint in the shadows.  

He was unaware however of the wolf flying above his efforts. His mind still focusing on forming the stone into the shape of an amphibian. He'd barely melted the stone enough to form a glob of stone when the crashing of branches from above distracted him. Adrenaline shot through his veins and he stood and turned his head toward the tree. Cougars were known to attack from above and without thinking he commanded the bear to cover him. Its stone shape dashing form its position to stand over Manny's body in a protective stance. He waited for a moment there, listening to the movements and then a voice so familiar and so agitating broke the silence. His anger reared its ugly head but he let it go. She wasn't worth the anger he had nor did she ever listen to anyone. "Go sit." He ordered the bear and turned to continue on his work.


8 y/o medium Male
Lynus, Male Uakari
© foxbox

Unbeknownst to the Chieftain of Wind, he was heading straight toward his cousin. The medium sized male was travelling along the borders, stopping every now and then to add his marks to the invisible border before continuing on.  He had been through just a little over half of the territory when he caught two familiar scents. Ears perked and his face brightened. Bran... and Manny. He thought. Well this is something I have to see. These two were polar opposites, and he was eager to get involved in whatever was going on between them. 

He abruptly made his way toward the two familiar wolves, eyes dancing with intrigue. 

However as soon as he arrived his face quirked into a confused expression. He stopped as his light colored eyes jumped from Manny, who was milling about with some stones and his giant rock-bear; to Bran who stood several meters off on her own with green leaves and twigs tangled in her fur and at her feet. They did not appear to have been in any sort of contention. Manny appeared too engrossed in his task, and it looked like Bran had not even noticed Manny yet. 

Bryker shrugged his shoulders and padded on to get closer. They would surely see him now. Manny was closest, so he headed toward his cousin first. 

Suddenly, a mischievous thought crossed his mind. The edges of Bryker's face pulled, flickering the hint of a smile before he pushed it blank again. 

 "Hey Manny." Bryker said casually, his pace slowing a bit as he drew up to the wolf. He made it look like he was just going to acknowledge the large male and pass by, but just as he neared the wolf's thigh Bryker drew in a sharp, cloudy breath that tingled throughout his body. Then he quickly struck his nose toward the fluffy wolf's side, letting loose a gush of air and a tiny electric shock as he exhaled. Bryker flashed Manny a playful grin and sharp laugh before bounding off to Bran, who he swerved around and used as a meat shield should Manny attempt to come after him. "Bran! Hold him back!" he teased dramatically as he hunkered down behind her.   

OOC: Bryker just tried to give Manny a small static shock. Nothing that would hurt him much. Just something to perk him up a bit!

Table @ Centience

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