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Coven Dei Gratia 


Clan Birth Dates Common Characteristics Rank/Role Options Current Members
Moon January through February Clever, Flighty, Vain, Dramatic Divinity or Knowledge No members yet
Wind March through April Adaptability, Playful, Cunning, Sneaky Suited for any rank @Bryker, @Anastasia @Ethos
River May through June Reserved, Nurturing, Prideful, Reckless Military or Civic No members yet
Sun July through August Determination, Selfish, Passionate, Loyal Civic or Knowledge @Emilia
Forrest September through October Wise, Disciplined, Aloof, Mysterious Medicinal or Religious @Hickory
Stone November through December Fortitude, Caring, Temper, Gluttony Military or Medicinal @Manfried @Angus

These wolves believe in each of the gods, which are effectively powerful beings who control the balances of the world. They provide light and darkness. Peace and hostility. Life and death. The gods are said to be able to manifest themselves in earthly vessels whenever they wish. If a god dies in its earthly vessel, it is predicted that they die eternally. 
  • Ancients - The first creatures. All creatures are descendants of the Ancients.
  • The Spirits - Spirits are ghosts of someone touched by the gods. Seeing one is supposed to bring good luck. It is said that spirits are made from truly powerful earthly beings  who have made an impact on the world during their lifetime. It is also said that if someone turns into a spirit, when their family dies they may also turn into spirits so that they may live eternally with each other.    
  • Vessel - A body inhabited by a spirit. Usually represented by an albino creature. Some wolves believe these animals are sacred and killing them should be forbidden, while others believe that eating them will empower them with the spirit's wisdom, vitality, and good fortune.
  • Ghosts - A spectral form of someone who has passed.
  • Clan - Though the coven flourishes as a whole, there are sub-classes called clans, which are made up of wolves born during certain seasons and led by the Chieftain of that season.
This coven is lead by a council of Chieftains. Majority rules. There can be no ties.  

Seasonal Calendar - These wolves follow a seasonal calendar to help provide structure to the coven. It is believed that being born within a certain season gives you a likeness for certain behavioral characteristics, but this is not always true. [See Coven Chart for characteristics]

The Separation - When wolf pups are 1 year old they are separated from their parents and given to their corresponding Chieftain. The Chieftain will decide who among their clan will teach and raise the pups. The Chieftain can select one or several wolves within their clan to take on the responsibility, including themselves. If pups are born within the same season as one of their parents, it is customary for that parent to continue to raise the pup(s), but may not always be the case.  
The Swearing of the Oath - Happens when an outsider joins the coven and decides to embrace the life of their season and uphold the laws of the coven. Until the oath is taken these wolves cannot advance in rank from Citizen.  There must be at least two witnesses to the Swearing ceremony, and the ceremony can be performed by any Chieftain. 
"I declare an oath that I am absolutely and entirely discarding all allegiance to any foreign coven or individual.  I will defend my coven mates against all foreign enemies. I will support and preserve all laws of this coven.  I will bear true faith and allegiance to (Coven Name). I take this oath freely, without any mental reservation or influence, and understand that forsaking this oath will be punishable by death."
Selecting a Chieftain 
Only wolves born in the correct season can be the representing Chieftain. Natives must be at least 4 years of age. Mundanes and Outsiders can become Chieftains, but their requirements are more stringent. They must be 5 years of age, must have been in the coven for 1 year without being demoted, and must be vouched for by at least one member of their clan and at least one member of the coven outside their clan.   

Chieftains are either selected by majority vote from their clan, by spiritual intervention, or through rank challenges. Chieftains may be deposed at any time. 

Majority Vote - Votes occur when a clan reaches 3 or more members, when a chieftain retires or dies in the position (not from a rank challenge), or from a lack of confidence in their leader (see Coven Events). The minimum age to vote is 1 year. If votes end in a tie then it is overturned to a spiritual intervention.

Spiritual Intervention - An OOC poll where any player who has a character in the coven may vote for the next Chieftain. The decision is "revealed" in character by a shaman/mystic wolf or wolves who have read the signs of the universe.  
It is possible to go for years without a Chieftain of certain seasons if there are no coven members born within the correct season or meet the requirements. 

Rank Challenge - Challengers may fight for the Chieftain rank at any time, but are only given 3 chances in their life. If they fail three Chieftain fights, they will not eligible for any more Chieftain rank challenges. Chieftains are not required to fight. If they would prefer to step down without violence, they may forfeit before fighting begins. It is not dishonorable for elderly leaders to forfeit, but it is dishonorable for anyone still in their prime to back down from a challenge.

Mundanes and Outsiders are considered untrustworthy. They should be regarded with suspicion and caution until they prove themselves honest and loyal. It usually takes longer for them to gain trust than Magicka wolves born in Nidria. Mundane and outsider wolves may be accepted into the coven, but only by referral of a current member and the approval of the correct chieftain.  

No Confidence Votes - Can only happen in January - Led by clan members
When a clan member does not approve of their chieftain, they may summon their clan to vote on whether or not to depose of the chieftain. The majority of the clan must agree to remove their current Chieftain from power, and a new vote will immediately be cast for a new Chieftain if any other characters meet the chieftain requirements. Members from different clans are allowed to participate in the discussion or observe quietly, but only wolves in the correct clan may vote for their Chieftain. 

Celebration of Life - Happens in March - Led by Scite of Ceremonies
A merriment held when the flowers begin to bloom. It is seen as a time of renewal and thankfulness from the gods' blessings. Mates usually take this opportunity  to spend time together and replenish their vows. Many members seek the spiritual leaders this time of year for prayer and guidance. At the end of March There is a feast in which everyone is supposed to bring a portion of a meal so that the coven may dine together. This symbolizes support and respect for what each member brings to the table, so to speak. Pups eat first.      
Clan Competition - Happens in May - Led by Scite of Ceremonies
Clans compete against each other in a display of magic. Each clan is represented by their most talented wolves who put on a solo display of their magic for the coven. The most creative user wins. 
  • April 23rd - April 30th is when the Scite of Ceremonies needs to start the thread and people may begin joining the thread. Anyone who wants their character to perform in the competition should note that in their first post as an OOC comment otherwise they are there to watch.
  • May 1st - May 7th is when the Scite will commence the competition.
  • *May 1st - May 20th is when characters perform using their magic. *Performances may not start until after the Scite has begun the competition.  
  • May 21st - May 26th is when the poll goes up for voting. Polling is only for players who have a character in the coven.
  • May 27th - 31st is when the Scite of Ceremonies ICly announces the winner and characters may exit the thread.   
Night of the Supermoon - Happens in July - Led by Scite of Ceremonies
When the Full Moon occurs during its closest approach to Earth. The night is marked with a coven hunt. Should they be successful, it is supposed to foretell good fortune until the next Supermoon.  
Time of Revisiting - Happens from October through January - Led by Shamans 
When mystical lights dance across the skies. It is believed that anyone who has passed away are allowed to revisit earth anytime the lights are active, but only if on the first night of the season an offering and a token representing their life are left out to guide them back to their earthly home. When the lights fade, the spirits return to their eternal slumbers once again.  
  • Night of Offerings - It is incredibly important for the coven's mystics/shamans predict the correct night when the lights will first appear so that preparations for the spirits may be ready on time. This announcement thread must be started by the shamans/mystics between September 20th - 30th and exit rounds started no later than October 5th. For each shaman/mystic offering their predictions/powers a dice will be rolled. If the majority of dice are successful, they have predicted the correct night. If the majority of dice are unsuccessful, they have predicted the wrong night and must proceed to Sequestration [See punishments].


Wolves MUST choose a rank associated with the season they were born in. 
All breeding must be approved by the clan leader of both wolves. Pups born without approval are frowned upon and often will not receive the same treatment as sanctioned litters. 
Love is love, so it is usually freely given. Wolves here may have a mate of any gender, and may even have multiple mates. The only restriction on mates is that no one may have a mate who is under one year of age without permission from their clan leader(s). 
Coven Dei Gratia forbids having prisoners or slaves.

Discipline - Serious offenses are punishable only by the Council of Chieftains, such as forsaking an oath. Minor infraction punishments are decided by the wolf's clan leader. If no Chieftain is available then punishments are the responsibility of the Council. 
  • Sequestration - A typical punishment of the pack is to temporarily banish members who have done wrong so that they may consider their faults and return acknowledging their mistakes to be forgiven. Sequestration terms are generally at the discretion of the Chieftains.  
  • If mystics fail to predict the correct date for the Night of Offering, it is said that it is due to a lack of piety or a mind too weighed with personal matters. The predictors must temporarily banish themselves for four weeks of real time in order to regain the favor of the gods and the pack. When they return, one or more Chieftains will embrace and forgive them.     
Death - Funerals are both somber and celebratory. Bodies are burned so that their spirits can fly away from their earthly attachments. Priests, Priestesses, and Apprentices usually give a eulogy and offer comforting prayer to the families at these events. 

Death Rite - Reserved for severe crimes. A date is set by the chieftains to end one's life. The convicted wolf chooses how they die from one of the following options: poison, fire, drowning, or stoning. It is a public event for the coven though some parents opt for their pups not to observe. Usually performed by the Chieftains. 

Each Chieftain may insist on 1 permanent rule to govern their clan by, if they choose. When a new Chieftain comes into power they may revoke a previous rule and/or instate a new one. A Chieftain may change their rule as needed. 
Manfried's Chieftain Erthai rule: "You don't work- you don't eat." 
Chieftain rule here
Chieftain rule here

Chieftains Leaders of the coven, all of equal status and in charge of their respective clans. Each chief specializes in a certain background as well. When the Chieftains get together to make a decision that influences the whole coven, the chieftains are referred to as the Council. 

Chieftain Lunai - Leader of the Moon clan [Divinity]
Chieftain Breezai - Leader of the Wind clan [Spiritual] - @Bryker 
Chieftain Ryveri - Leader of the River clan [Civic]
Chieftain Solori - Leader of the Sun clan [Knowledge]
Chieftain Timberi - Leader of the Forest clan [Medicinal] - @Hickory 
Chieftain Erthai  - Leader of the Stone clan [Military] - @Manfried

Scite of Ceremonies This wolf is in charge of leading the coven ceremonies and events. It is an honorable and unbiased position. This appointment cannot be challenged, but the wolf may "retire" as they see fit. Requirements: must be at least 1 year of age and have 10+ completed threads in pack territory. Voting is done OOC via poll. Poll must be left open for 7 days or until all player accounts with characters in the coven have cast a vote. Player accounts DO NOT have to vote the way their character would. Only one vote per player. Once the poll is complete it is assumed in character that the Scite of Ceremonies is made aware of their new position by the Chieftains. This revelation can be threaded or not.   
Position is Available
Shaman (0 of 4) - Must have some sort of mystical prowess to predict the future.   

Mystics (+) Report to the Shamans. Generally lesser skilled wolves still learning the craft.

Priest/Priestess (1 of 2) - Wolves who follow the religion of the pack and can offer others prayer, guidance, and counseling.

Apprentices (0 of 3) - Wolves who feverishly follow the teachings of the Priests/Priestesses so that they might become one someday. 

Missionaries (+) -  These recruiter wolves go outside the pack to spread their religion and bring non-believers into the grace of the gods. 

Templar (+) - These wolves are religious crusaders. They seek to wipe out non-believers who cannot be enlightened. Templars never travel alone. 
Medicine Wolves (0 of 3) - Most skilled Medical wolves.

Practitioners (+) - Report to the Medicine Wolves. Generally students still learning the craft.

Caregivers (+) - Report to the Medicine Wolves and Practitioners as needed. (Tend to the young and old. Offering company, physical support, and may provide meals)

Commander (0 of 1) - Most skilled military wolf. Must be of agile mind and body.

Captain (0 of 1) - Second to the Commander. Must be of agile mind and body.

Operatives (1/5) - Report to the Commander or directly to the Chiefs. Spies will only be listed as code names here. Spies must have their code name written on their profile somewhere. [Code names are a color + nature item]
1. Olive Branch
Surveyors (+) - Report to the Captain (these wolves often leave the territory to become familiar with faraway places and report their geographical or detective findings to the Captain.)

Guards (+) - Report to the Captain. Must not go more than 1 territory away. They protect the borders from intrusions and are the first line of defense.  

Advisors (0 of 2) - Storytellers. Historians. Life Mentors. Truth Finders.  
Negotiators (0 of 3) - Report to Advisors. Help mediate clan problems. 

Magic Instructors (+) - Report to Advisors. These wolves help others improve their magic skills and magical combat style. 

Director (0 of 1) - Most skilled municipal wolf. In charge of everyone below. 

Overseers (0 of 2) - Seconds to the Director

Masons (+) - Report to the Director (builders)

Emissaries (+) - Report to the Director (messengers, diplomats)
Acquisitors  (+) - Report to the Overseers (specialty hunters, gatherers, rare item seekers)
Artisans (+) - Report to the Overseer (jewelers, performers, painters, blacksmiths)

Citizens (+) - Regular members and anyone under 1 year of age. Wolves may not progress from this rank until 3 threads have been completed in pack territory. When finished, speak to a leader or chieftain in the chain of command for the rank you want.


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