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4 y/o medium Male
Yuuki, Female Cat

Long limbs drew the man from his slumber as early morning settled upon the land, the rays of the summer sun glistening through the trees, a heavy mist cascading down over the wash. Sun shafts cut through the dense fog, the lanky man would stretch out his front feet slightly, splaying his pale toes as a yawn escaped his ragged muzzle. Eyes of ice, like the frigid landscape of the northern most territories; places he'd yet to dare traverse, especially alone would shift, glancing over the small place at the base of the pine tree near the border of the wash where the land was more stable. The thought of the northern territories made his thoughts linger to Disaster, maybe the two of them could go there someday soon....if he was going to see the beauty of the mountain and snow painted landscapes he wanted to see it with her. A small sigh escaped pale maw, icy blues flickering to meet those of his feline companion — whos gaze mirrored his own. He smiled a little, but it was sad nonetheless, 

"Good morning Yuuki" he mused gently, lowering his head to allow the feline to rub her head against his own. She knew. How his heart ached for Disaster, but he knew they had to be careful, the two of them were not supposed to be together. The damage that lined his features was a sure sign of the natural barriers meant to separate magicka and mundane. But Valkur didn't let it scare him away from her. 

He could perish by her teeth and he'd still go out loving her. 

Slowly he rose, long limbs drawing him out into the wash, he'd began to linger closer to that grove where he was sure Disaster had been...dangerous as it was, he couldn't help himself. He couldn't keep staying away. Yuuki's white fur along her spine would rise slightly as Valkur slowly paraded across the wetlands, paws sinking into frigid morning water, quickly soaking his feet, water splashing up on his front legs. Tattered ears flicked back slightly, "It'll be fine, come on" he encouraged, he knew what she was thinking. But he padded in the direction of that damned grove anyway. 


Table @ Centience



4 y/o large Female
© Dark

The morning light painted the marsh in waves of warmth. Emerald eyes filled with uncertainty and a quite rage did look over the lands that have consumed a part of her that she was doubtful she would ever get back. Long slender limbs carried her across the decaying lands. The nagging of her wing was far less annoying since her encounter with the strange male. She had needed assistance with her injuries and he had been an easy convenience. She was certain Anaru would have disapproved but she had a method to her madness.
The thoughts of what could be fluttered in her mind. She hadn’t had the opportunity to find Valkur. He had been on her mind but it had been too risky to find him. Anaru was busy running the pack to really notice where she had been. She needed to be insanely careful in her dealings with Valkur. If Anaru found out the consequences would be dire. She dismissed the foreboding feeling inside her as she followed the paths that shifted around the grave of her father.
Then she caught wind of his scent. Several emotions filled her. Excitement, anticipation, annoyance, and rage all swirled inside her. Her thoughts had shifted to a darker place as they helped to push her other emotions away for a moment. Instead of focusing on how off she had been feeling lately she focused on how it had been far too long since he had found her. Had he searched for her? Had he even cared to find her? Where the fuck had he been all this time?
It felt comforting to feel that anger inside her boil. Like she was feeling like her again. Her wings puffed stretched against her side as she quickened her pace towards the scent of him. Soon enough she could see his silhouette in the distance. Those curved horns and bandages that hid all her markings from the world. She couldn’t stand the distance that still separated so she called to her portal to open. She stepped through and her portal appeared right before him.  
Her emerald eyes looked at him with disapproval. Internally she could feel the need to touch him burning her from the inside out. She wanted to pushed against him and pour her grief into him. To help let go of the hooks that held her and be herself again. Instead she stood, as if silently demanding an explanation for his appearance. Her gaze almost smoldered with her rage as she waited for him to speak.


Table by Centience. Art by xxslow-burnxx @ DA


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