[AW]  Its Poo Time.



1 y/o small Female
© Ginga

Well the witch was a bust. All she could get come the old flea bag was a lesson or two on what not to do. She rolled her eyes and kicked a few stones with her paws. What in the world was this world coming to? Witches who didn't teach dark powers and fire bearers who promise you great things but have nothing to show for it. She grumbled and kicked a stone so far it went between the two trees in front of her. She was leaving the valley and heading back south, the weather up here being way to chilly for her liking. What next? She whined to herself before a smell crept into her nostrils. It made her mouth water but even she knew the massive beast she smelt was way to huge for her to take down, even with her bag of tricks.. Tricks..! Yes, beasties that size left great smelly piles everywhere. 

Quickly her paws followed her nose and she found herself running out past the trees and into an open plain. The wind was stronger here and blew great gusts of dirt into her face. She must be on the ocean's edge she thought and looked past the huge herds of beasts. Yep she was on the lookout spot she'd seen coming into the valley but what she didn't expect to see was the storm that seemed to be heading back out to sea. Slowly she darted between the herds and made for the edge of the plateau. Her eyes widening with a but of excitement. The forest she had decided to pass through was now nothing but ridged islands. Its trees popping out in awkward slivers of land still trying to hold on. A small giggle arose from her and she felt the urge to go and check out the islands. For now though, she paused and turned to look at the herds of beasts. She had some poo hunting and beast scarring to do. 

Slowly she got onto her belly and crawled toward the closest animal, her size being small she figured she could easily sneak up and scare the poor thing. She was farther away then she thought she was at the beginning but it was alright. As she crawled the grass began to tickle her belly but she ignored it. Her hunter instincts kicking in and making it impossible to un-focus on the animal. Her eyes narrowed in on the ankles of the beast and as soon as she was close enough she would pop out of the grass and snap at it. Not really trying to harm it but scare it back into the herd and maybe watch the herd scatter like the beasties they were. 


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