The Devil Made Flesh



27 y/o medium Female

Native | The devil dons the flesh of a wolf, and his name is Ryslen Morduch. A sociopathic wanderer, Ryslen is the shadow of Nidria. There are none who know why he wanders, and those he encounters recount varying stories of his character. Known butcher of two covens.
@Sonja Sister. He's possessive of her. It's complicated, okay?
@Anaru Lover. Murder buddies. Then she got pregnant and ghosted him, whoops.
@Calix Victim. Ryslen slaughtered his entire clan.
@Sohvren Victim. Ryslen ripped off half his face when he was younger.
@Dahlia Victim. She saved Ryslen's life, and he repaid her by attempting to rip out her heart.
Victims Need some murdered parents, siblings or lovers? Or maybe your character just needs a good scare? Ryslen's your man. He's here to be your childhood (or even your adult) trauma and thing of nightmares.
Accomplices Murder buddies are always fun.
Frolics He's not all murder and bloodshed. Catch him in a good mood and let him be your smooth talking prince charming, frolic in the flowers buddy, strange red beast who teaches you the way of Nidria. He also weirdly likes to cuddle.
WARNING. Ryslen only fights to the death, as he is uninterested in proving his dominance.

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