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Hey guys! So I decided to redo my rping with Rioga and he actually has more family! So I decided to adopt them out to anyone who wants to try. Below is the form to adopt and the descriptions!

Three of the four have names, so the last one can have any name but the family is of royal blood, so it does need to be noble. Another note is Rioga is the Bear affinity but I would imagine the parents were Bear (father) and Fox (mother) affinities respectfully. Also, Centi is playing the youngest sibling Solstice who is the runt and blind!

How they will get here and before or after Rioga:

1st: Brother - Protatheos: White fur | bright red to yellow and black markings | Odd eyes | Regal face and 6 tails Taken
2nd: Sister - Yvaine: Gold fur | Blue to green and gold markings | Full black eyes | Extra fluffy, huge stature and 3 tails
3rd: Brother - Finnian: Blue to green fur | Black and white markings | Tri-color eyes | Regal face, extra fluffy, 4 tails Taken
5th: Sister - ??: Black fur | White and black markings | Red eyes | Demon eye and 5 tails



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Name: Protatheos 

  • 6 tails which each holds a different coloration at their tips
  • Extra large in build, his fur is quite shaggy. Long in strands around his body. Creating a mane just around his head that fits it quite well.
  • Two sets of eyes. Black orbs pooling around a center of red. 
  • Red fur fading into an off yellow, black spots cover his entire body. Much like a leopards.
Affinity: Bear

  • Earthquakes: Rarely used, unless needed, this power can be quite deadly to any near by. A slam of his paws breaks the earth's surface and arises a massive quake to it's slumber. Shaking the ground beneath anyone in it's path to crack the earth and give way to a hole.
  • Plant Manipulation: Blowing or whispering on any part of the earth, he can grow and control any plant of his liking. The breath of life or death, he calls it. 
  • Crystal Empowerment: When in close proximities, he is able to use crystals to become stronger, faster, more durable during battle. Sometimes drawing sustenance from them or using it to even slow or stop aging
Personality: A man no one should play with, a man who holds a cold expression all the time, not giving room to any superficial emotions on his façade. Nothing can really change his mask, nor dead of one or the happiness of others. He has been called an emotionless jerk, to which he doesn't care, as he doesn't give a thing in what others had to say about him. He since a young age had been mature for his age, being aware of life and death, about the dynamics of life and other things a pup would normally ignore. He is a calculative being, always contemplating each matter with a close focus. He would rather follow his brain than his heart if he ever had any. He talks little and only does if he wants to. He is solitary and always wish to be left alone, in either his travels, food or place to sleep.

Protatheos doesn't care about what others do, he is selfish and a consumed individualist, not showing an active interest in helping others. And if he ever did, it would be due to mere convenience or if something beforehand has been offered in exchange for his aid. On the other hand, he avoids unnecessary fights, knowing the immense danger a serious wound could bring. But if he is pushed enough he will act accordingly and do his best to leave the aggressor in their place. He isn't a brainless wolf, after all, never acting without a second thought on each matter. He always walks with his head high and with a confident walk.

He is propense to swear should someone provoke him or whenever he is annoyed or pissed. He can be angered easily, but most of the time he hides it and tries to act collected but playing with his temper could be the worst mistakes others could do around him. And lastly, love is a concept he sees as stupid and in some cases a waste of time. He could feel it, but as he never experienced it, he thinks it would never work.

How they will get here and before or after Rioga: He would have arrived after. Traveling with his familiar and alone.

  • Name: Aaryav
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Black Boa Constrictor
RP Example: He had returned. But, why? Months of his departure from these lands came with a decision to never turn back around. And yet... he did. His paws graced the tall grasslands. Easily maneuvering through remembered paths. Never once to falter his stride as he continued forth at pace of leisure. No plan intact. Just to wander until whatever brought him back came to shine light on the darkness which clouded his mind.


Such a feeling coursed through his thoughts. Haunting him. Protatheos was not a man that did not understand such an emotion and yet, it baffled him. Closing in on the strong flow of water. Bringing the already warming temperatures to cool down just a tad. The refreshing substance called to him. His tongue easily lapping the surface and down the narrow structure of his throat. Gaze ever watching of the surroundings around him,

With ever drink, each swallow ceased the ache of his thirst. Slowly becoming a distant memory. Until finally. he fell back to a sit. Tail coiling to rest just beside the left of him.

The silence here welcomed him back. Though, he did not welcome it. Glancing around the area with a facial expression of nothing. Blank. No smile. No grimace. Just.... Empty. He simply grimaced when the annoyed tightening of Aaryav brought him out his daze. "What'sssss bothering you?" The old snake came to block all before Protatheos as he took front stage of the male's focus. Tongue flickering in taste of the air. Sensing an emotion rolling off of his friend. "Nothing of concern. Let's go." He came to stand. Motioning his familiar to remove himself from his line of sight and began wondering away from the river. Perhaps, it was time to speak with his brother, Rioga.



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© Cardinal(Jiji)
Name: Finnian Alvar.
Age: 8 Years Old.
Gender: Male.

- Four long silky tails; they twist like braids in two's to appear as two tails instead of four.
- Dark blue to green fur that seems to change depending on the lighting, iridescent. More green than blue.
-Black lithe tiger-like striping across his coat, starting from the shoulders and traversing all the way down until it tapers off towards the end of his tails. Some stripes also lay below his eyes upon his cheeks.
-Black "stockings" that fade into his blue-green fur around his elbows.
-White that fades into his coat; starts at his throat and ends/tapers off towards the end of his tails.
-The fur in his inner ears is white as well as his thighs.
-Has hyperdontia; two sets of top canines, two sets of bottom canines.
-Heterochromatic tri-colored eyes; magenta, cobalt and orange. Feline pupils.
-Has silky feathering on his legs, similar to a breed of sighthound.
-Black inky smoke rises from all four of his paws.
-A horrendous scar, now healed, lays across the front of his chest.
-A pair of large, slender yet imposing wings the same iridescent blue to green as his coat, fades into white towards the tips of his feathers.

Affinity: Fire.

Supercharged (Passive)
The inky black smoke which emanates from his legs is a collective of supercharged particles surrounding his body gathered into one place. If one looks closely enough, they can see little sparks of electricity flashing across the obsidian ash.

Thunderclap Flash
Finnian is able to store electricity within the fibers of his feathers. When the time comes, whenever he claps his wings together, the pressurized lightning will spark, causing a bolt to shoot out from the tips of his wings. These thunderbolts are devastating if taken head on, but even grazed by such magick, the lightning itself would cause temporary paralysis of the part that was damaged.

Minute Blessing
By making contact with a wolf afflicted by wounds of most kinds, he can send short bursts of electricity throughout the patient's body, jump starting their cells to accelerate which speeds up healing and renewal of the body.

He has a natural affinity for lightning while fire, lava, and smoke are much harder for him to master. Finnian is able to create constructs such as weapons or armor, teleport via shockwaves or thunderstorms, paralyze enemies, and generally use electricity in an offensive manner, with little defensive skill used.

Attentive - Curious - Disobedient - Lively - Plucky

Considered the fun one of the three brothers, Finnian is more loosely strung than Rioga or Protatheos, preferring to step out of the limelight of responsibility and into a more comfortable skin. He is easy going and amicable, though he isn't the least bit naive and his attention to detail is uncanny, remembering important details for years where others tend to forget. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and is oft caught running his tongue when he should keep quiet, known to challenge authority more then once, but his loyalties and intentions are in the right place. Incredibly protective of his family and, in particular, his sisters, Finnian is willing to jump into the fray of things even when it gets tough; he's a fighter through and through. Is polite and well-mannered despite his seemingly carefree take on life, internally mourns for those that were lost, has a bad habit of hiding pain through merriment.

How they will get here and before or after Rioga: Finnian will enter Nidria after Rioga. He'll have flown, following the trail of his brother, but will not engage him first when he does touch down upon Nidria. Instead, he'll take off to explore the various landscapes, mapping out areas of interest and the likes.

Name; Schnell. (German for "Fast.")
Gender; Female.
Species; Eastern Osprey.

Roleplay Sample:


It radiated throughout his whole body, tore at his seams, stretched his body thin until it began to feel like it would snap. He tried to inhale, and he gasped a choked stutter. His lungs aflame, he lay there strewn about the battlefield in a hazy, flimsy pull between consciousness and the darkness which began to cloud his vision. In this time where the world spun around him in figurines which danced silhouetted colors about his fading sight he tried to recall the names of his siblings, one by one, in a desperate attempt to not fall asleep here and now. One wing quivered with exhaustion, the other buried underneath his weight as he concentrated on something, anything else than the blood which pooled from his body and began to fester around him until it was all he could smell. Rioga, Protatheos, Solstice, Yvaine, Solstice, Protatheos, Rioga, Yvaine. . . 

His eyesight flickered, tri-colored eyes fluttering and pupils expanding to try and let as much light as possible into the darkness, to no avail. Rioga, his mind ticked on silently, one ear tilting slightly as the corpses littered around him, some wolf, others beast. Protatheos, he couldn't move his mouth, the tang of his own blood irony and palpable as his tongue lolled against the earthen floor; he could taste dirt, dry and grainy, a fact which made him thoughtfully thirst for water. Yet he could not look upon Protatheos and remark bravely for him to get the winged brother a drink of water, nor smirk pleasantly at Yvaine, brows raised in earnest of her slight expression, or a giggle of her voice. He could not wink at Solstice kindly or hear currently the scolding rebuke of Rioga for his useless remarks. His chest throbbed in protest, his heart pulsating like a drum that beat in his head with a needless pace that he believed it to be cracked open, and thus, maybe in some way, he really was dying, here and now. And the only thing more depressing than that was that he couldn't gather the enthusiasm to scream.




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You both get them! I am so happy to see the family really start to come alive again.

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