[AW]  How to get there..



1 y/o small Female
© Ginga

There she stood, her toes tingling from the cool water that washed up around her ankles. Her eyes on the prize that was just across the water from where she stood but how to reach it? She eyed the beach and noticed all the wreckage from the water god. Her voice was harsh from all the excitement pent up in her small body. "I bet I can find something to help me.." She winced a bit. She wished she knew how to swim but sadly she didn't dare with the churning waves ready to take her small form and make it disappear. Slowly she trotted up the beach, her eyes scanning for something that she might be able to use. Rocks.. No.. fallen trees..Maybe but it would take a lot of effort to put them in the water. She sighed a bit irritably unable to think about anything but the destruction around her.

Just seeing he fallen trees and upturned earth made her skin crawl with the idea that she could one day do something like this. She began to think about the things on this world that might cause an explosion like this becoming extremely distracted. She waddled over to the broken tree and looked into it. Her eyes latching onto a weird green looking plant and she reached in with her maw and snatched it. It looked like some kind of seaweed but the way it shined in the light told her it was from the shoreline. 

Almost instantly her eyes lit up and she turned on her heels and ran towards the ocean. Her paws sending up sand and pebbles as she did. Her excitement was so noticeable on her face that it looked almost crazed. When she reached the shore she darted back and forth along the edge, like she was looking for something. The suddenly without warning she dove in and came back up with a mouth full of these long tendrils of green. 


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