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5 y/o large Female
Spirit, Female Bird of Paradise
© SilentSeeker
Dhru’Vasha Esther

A place of serenity and beauty called to the woman of earth. Her stride graceful. Stature calm. Not a sound made from the seal of lips. Except for the faint flutter of wings against the light summer breeze. Their feathers easily catching the flight of the settling sun as they began to descend t’wards where the female stood. Pools of emerald gazing out at the body of water stretching out for miles. For just a second, she wished she could dive into its depths. Breaking the surface to breathe in the ocean water.

It was all simply a fantasy. One she wanted to come true; but knew would not.

Dhru’Vasha smiled. Lips tugging at their ends. Curving easily into such a display of calm. Freedom a beautiful thing to taste. She wanted nothing more then to bask in it. Her attention falling onto the variety of flowers surrounding her. Each holding a different smell. A higher purpose. The woman leaned down. Allowing her nose to inhale them one by one. Growing lightheaded in the overwhelming perfumes. Something she did not care to be lost in.

Thus, she did.

Like a pup, her body flopped to the soils beneath. Limbs stretched away from her before immediately tucking in. Now laying on her back to better soak up the sun and its rays. She melted. A breathy sigh leaving her lips. Eyes watching the soaring figure of her familiar.

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