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1 y/o medium Female
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Light. Golden and bright, blinding. It was the last thing that rested in those delicate memories before she was spirited away by a sacred stone. Memories were hazy, as if a fog covered them, hiding them from her recollection. Then, nothing. Her mind was lost to dreams of a strange place, perhaps visions or maybe hallucinations, and then darkness. Consciousness was lost to the darkness that surrounded her little sanctuary of golden light. However, she never fully disappeared. There was a sensation of warmth, all encompassing as it wrapped around her, as if the light protected her mortality from the dangers of the abyss.

The wayfarer bound in light knew not how long she remained in weightless darkness. Yet, she knew no fear, no loss. Not even joy or hope. She felt no mortal emotion, those too locked away till a time she would need them once more. She simply existed, not living, nor dead.


Then came the feeling of falling. That sensation when one enters a dream, only to scare one to wakefulness, limbs grasping at anything for purchase only to find they were safe all along. It was that sort of thing which called Lanikai’s consciousness back from its comatose-like state. However, it took a moment for the child to realize she was truly falling. It was not a dream, wind whipping through her fur, quills knocking against one another. Her heart began to race, tall auds pressed against her sharply sculpted skull deafened by the wind, her pulse the only thing she could hear. Thoughts were still numb, her memories remained lost to the haze which clouded her mind.

Silvery violet gems saw everything from a perspective she never thought possible. She saw the land through an eagles view. She could envision herself as one, imaginary wings spread as she soared high above the terrestrials bound to the ground. Yet, she was falling, she had no wings to hold her aloft. The view was unfamiliar, tree-tops seen from above, rivers and streams peaking out from those forests, splitting the land. Lakes parted lands with their sapphire blue and mountains rose high above, touching the early morning horizon in the distance. The sun, Solija, was just peeking past the snow capped mountains gifting the skies with soft pastels. It was a view she would see only once in her lifetime, and so the child seared it to her still hazy memory.

Lani could see the ground coming ever closer, or rather, she was getting closer to it. Emotions began to once again flow through her — fear. If nothing was done, her sun kissed form would break on impact and death would swiftly claim her. Yet, she could do nothing about her current predicament. There was nothing to shift her direction, no feathers, no wings, to adjust her trajectory. The realization that this might be the last thing Lanikai saw calmed her racing heart. If she was to die, this would be a fine way to go. Pale eyes closed. She waited for the inevitable. Waited for the crunching of bones; herself breaking.

It never came. What she felt was hard, yet soft and cold. What she heard was a loud splash.

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11 m y/o small Female
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Isara Moonvale

“it's a big, bright, beautiful world”

“One...two...three...four...five…” mindlessly I counted the trees that I walked past as a form of entertainment while I walked amongst the wooded area I happened to be in. I liked the trees. They were tall and strong much unlike I was and they also provided plenty of places where I could hide. Especially these smaller ones...even if they did have leaves that hurt.

Why did I always have to be like that? Why did I always find the quickest of places to hide if something were to happen? Why couldn’t I grow out of it? I wanted to become stronger...tougher...faster. I wanted to be everything that I was not. I wanted to learn and know everything. I wanted...to be able to protect those I loved.

That way then I wouldn’t be forced to lose anybody like I did my mother…

Sadness washed over me as I thought about my mother and how much I missed her. It was my fault that she was killed. My fault….perhaps that was why I ran off away from where I had lived with Dhara and Elle? Perhaps I was trying to become stronger on my own? Or maybe perhaps I left before I could have a chance to bring them pain and suffering and sadness?

Maybe that was the true reason.

Lost in thought as well as location, I walked along a big body of water for some time before suddenly something in the sky caught my attention. For a brief minute, I stood there and watched in awe as I saw what looked like a wolf falling down to the ground before they suddenly landed within the water. Without even hesitating, my little legs carried me over to where the other wolf had landed as quickly as I could. Thankfully, I only tripped over my large wings a few times before arriving at the location. Teal eyes scanned the water’s surface watching to see if the wolf that had fallen out of the sky was still alive. Eventually, my eyes caught a shadowed shape within the water and despite how much I wanted to jump in and help, I knew that the water was probably much too deep for my little body.

If only I was bigger and stronger…

Anxiously, I watched the water’s surface as I wondered just who this wolf was and why they fell out of the sky. Surely they had wings of some sort...I mean how else would one get in the sky in the first place?

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