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Fall, Year 1

Season changes: Dec, 21st
Forecast: Nidria has been swept into the full force of fall, leaves scatter the forest floors
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October 23rd • New regulations for Mundane have been added via your vote! Please take a look in the affinities section of the guidebook to see the updates

October 13th • The moon is full! Use this time wisely!

Sept 23 • Fall has started!

Sept 21 • The harvest festivel Lurid has begun here!

Aug 31 • We are almost there!! Once the site officially launches lots will be happening including our first SWP, so please take this time to get your bearings!

July 25 • Solanacaea is officially in a soft open!! Keep in mind this means some minor things may be unfinished or buggy so please be patient! Thank you <3

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